Power Solutions - Save 20-40% On Your School Energy Bills


Power Solutions energy provider are now offering amazing discounts on your school energy bills with the option to freeze your energy prices for up to 5 years! Energy prices rose 100% over the last decade, prices now are very competative and this is the time to lock in at these rates. As well as saving money for school trips, new equipment etc you will now be able to budget precicely for all your energy usage.

We use our strength in the market to negotiate the best possible deals for your schools, in some cases this may mean you stay with your original supplier just at a better rate or switch to a new supplier who are offering the best deal. If you are currently in contract with your existing supplier this will not effect in any way our ability to secure reduced energy costs and a long term price freeze. All bills will be paid directly to the supplier but you will have the full support of our Uk based customer service team.


We are a commercial energy broker

We currently work with over 9000 UK businesses

We work with over 20 of the countrys biggest energy suppliers (EON, British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF, N Power etc)

We offer 100% impartial advise


The Uk energy market was deregulated in 1990

Historically costs fell from the late 1990s until 2004/5

This is when the UK first started to import more gas than we were able to produce ourselves, since then the Uk has had to attract gas imports from around Europe and further afield. This has resulted in the prices in the Uk becoming increasingly influenced by global events.

The amount of electricity we produce from gas is likely to increase to around 60% between now and 2020 as coal fired power stations close. This will come at a time when many European ans Asian countries will also need more gas. This is likely to put pressure on wholesale prices, depending on how quickly new sources of supply such as shale gas become available globally.

This will all put increasing pressure on bills over the medium and long term.


“To procure the best possible energy solutions for our clients whilst maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and investing in our people. Enabling us to provide a quality service, based on value and trust.”

For any further information or to request a free no obligation quote please contact

Jason Scholefield

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E-MAIL: Jason.scholefield@powersolutionsuk.com



Starts 01-12-2016
Ends 31-12-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2016