TeamCamp Revolutionary New Approach to School Residentials

Our team based programme empowers pupils and their relationships. Dates are flexible including peak summertime. TeamCamp’s Scout centre based model keeps costs low while offering high impact programme full of challenge and fun

• Tailored to desired learning outcomes, with powerful links to the classroom
• Proven team-based programme that promotes Pupil and Teacher leadership
• Prices of £120-150/pupil for a week including meals, equipment, and camping at a local camp site

Brilliant residentials don’t have to be expensive…

What if you could organise a Residential that was half the price AND delivered challenge, fun, and higher impact to learning and relationships? TeamCamp’s new service makes use of Scout centres local to your school to do just that.

TeamCamp’s service is inspired by the Learning Away charitable initiative and their research into 'brilliant residentials'.

For more information about the lessons from this 5 year £2.3m research project’s findings, you can download TeamCamp’s Whitepaper ‘The 7 Secrets of a Truly Brilliant Residential’ here:

(Contact: Ben Holt on 07930 175182 or e-mail: quoting UKST1 for special offer above)


Starts 26-09-2016
Ends 26-09-2016
Cut off date 26-09-2016

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