Region: Yorkshire

Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Accommodation & Residential Trips

Address: Micklegate House 88-90 Micklegate, , York YO1 6JX

Contact: 01904 627720



Safestay York is a fantastic Grade 1, historic city centre hostel, conveniently located near York railway Station, bus station and situated on Micklegate, one of the oldest parts of York. It is a 5-10 minute walk from all the city centre attractions and hundreds of restaurants and bars. 

So if you're after budget accommodation in York, bringing a group of school children to study the sights or simply want something different from the usual options in London why not try this fantastic hostel out for size.


Do you have a video link on YouTube or anywhere else regarding your accommodation?

Are you on twitter or facebook? If so what are the links for our users to follow?

What size groups do they cater for?

Our hostel has 153 beds, 23 rooms.  Groups are from 10 people or more.


Please provide location information?

Safestay York is in the city centre, close to shops, restaurants, pubs and attractions.   Safestay York is just 5 minutes walk from York Railway station and 5 minutes walk from the bus terminus.


why you are great for educational visits?

Safestay York is situated within the City of York walls and has great views of York including York Minster, the city centre and the historic railway station.  There is plenty of history and historic sites to visit within walking distance from the hostel.

Can you provide information regarding room sizes and room facilities?

Private room with TV’s to the 4 Bedded, 6 Bedded, 8 Bedded, 10 Bedded and 14 Bedded Dorms,  Most of the rooms have en-suite facilities.  All rooms are bunk-bedded.


Are visitors allowed to take photos, video or audio, if appropriate?

Photos Only.


What is your process for booking pre arranged risk assessments?

We can provide current risk assessments upon request.

What is the cost of the accommodation?

WINTER RATES 2014-2015 (1st Nov 2014 – 28th Feb 2015)

Daily Rates                     Sun – Thu         Fri - Sat

14 Bed Dorm Ensuite      £16.00              £25.50

10 Bed Dorm Ensuite      £18.00              £27.50

8 Bed Dorm Ensuite        £20.00              £29.50

6 Bed Dorm Ensuite        £22.00              £31.50

4 Bed Standard Dorm*    £21.00             £30.00

4 bed Dorm Enusite        £23.00              £32.00

Twin Private**                £60.00             £72.00

Double**                       £80.00             £92.00

Family (4 bed)**            £110.00            £136.00

*4 bed standard dorm is without a bathroom

**All these are sold per room and not per bed.

SUMMER RATES 2015     (1st Mar 2015 – 31st Oct 2015)

Daily Rates                     Sun – Thu           Fri - Sat

14 Bed Dorm Ensuite       £18.00              £27.50

10 Bed Dorm Ensuite       £20.00              £29.50

8 Bed Dorm Ensuite        £28.00              £31.50

6 Bed Dorm Ensuite        £29.00              £33.50

4 bed Standard Dorm*    £27.00              £32.00

4 bed Dorm Ensuite         £30.00              £35.00

Twin Private**                £90.00              £99.00

Double**                       £100.00             £120.00

Family (4 bed)**             £120.00             £144.00

*4 bed standard dorm is without a bathroom

**All these are sold per room and not per bed.


Please list facilities available?

•    Breakfast at additional cost.

•    24-hour reception

•    Bar

•    Iron/ironing board (on request)

•    Hairdryer for rent

•    Internet room

•    Chill out & games room

•    Pool room

•    Breakfast room

•    Courtyard

•    Towels to rent or buy

Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?

The group need to bring their own qualified first aider.

Are there disabled facilities?

We do not have facilities to cater for disabled children.


Do you have any testimonials from previous customers who have visited your Accommodation?

See website for reviews.


Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?


1. Upon check-in, you will be required to leave a security deposit of £250.00 for any extra cleaning, damages/vandalism caused to the hotel (£500.00 for Stag or Hen Parties). This will be returned to you on the day of departure if nothing has been found. You can leave the deposit in cash or credit cards. Cards will be pre authorised on check in for the full £250.00.
Full list of damage charges are available at Reception. Any lost keys will be charged at £5.00 each.

2. Towels are not included with your room. There is a £2.00 charge & £5.00 returnable deposit for hiring towels. Safestay Hotel Towels are also for sale from reception. Price £10.00

3. In order to ensure comfort and courtesy for the other guests, the leaders are resonsible for supervising their group AT ALL TIMES. We will remove you and your group if they are not controlled properly and this will be at any time in the day or night.

4. No smoking any where in the Hotel. It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to smoke in the hotel and if found you will be charged £250.00 and the Police contacted. You may smoke in the garden area until 10.30pm when the garden is closed. No smoking outside the FRONT of the hotel. Tampering with any of the fire detectors or equipment will also result in a charge of £250.00

5. In case of fire, use stairs to exit. DO NOT use elevators. If you detect fire or smoke, please contact Reception, and the hostel staff will contact the Fire Department. Proceed calmly to the nearest fire exit (see plan displayed on back of room door) and proceed to the evacuation area outside the front of the hostel.

6. This is a residential area, please keep the noise to a minimum on entering or leaving the hotel. The Bar lounge closes at 01:00AM. Please keep the noise to a minimum in you room as other guests are staying as well.

7. No guest under 16yrs old are allowed in the selected bar area after 11pm. They are allowed in the games area and garden only until closing time. For groups under 18 years of age, they must vacate the ground floor area before 11pm.

8. All group members must clean up after themselves otherwise they will be a charge.

9. For large groups of 40+, please can you ensure the group split into smaller size groups when coming for breakfast. Our breakfast room only caters for 40. Breakfast is FREE and it consists of: Tea/Coffee/Juice and cereal. Breakfast time: Everyday from 07:00am – 09:00am;

10. No cooking equipments are allowed in the hotel.

11. Giving your room key card to non-residents is prohibited.

12. No alcohol can be served to any persons less than 18 years of age. Proof maybe required. Only alcohol brought within the hotel may be consumed in GROUND FLOOR AREA. Your own drinks must be consumed in your room or outside the building, this includes soft drinks.

13. Last orders at the bar, is strictly at 11:00pm. The downstairs area will be closed from


14. The garden closes at 10.30pm, please do not use after this time.

15. Check out time strictly 10:00am. You may be charged for another night if you leave later than 10:00am.

16. If you abuse any of the hotel equipment or vandalise the hotel you will be charged for any damages. This includes any cleaning costs for any damaged carpets or linen.

17. We do not tolerate drugs on the premises. The police will be called if found using drugs. Theft will result in prosecution. No refund will be given and the security deposit will be forfeited.

18. Downloads of adults, prohibited material or unauthorised distribution of any copyright material is strictly banned while using our systems.

19. You are not allowed to use the address of the hotel for any purposes.

20. We do not give out any details of guests or staff unless consent is given.

21. We do not tolerate abuse of any of our staff or of other guests, you will be asked to leave and in severe cases that can result in prosecution.


Age of Children / Pupils: Pre-school 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

Accommodation Type: Guesthouses Hostels Hotels

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