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Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Day Trip Destinations

Address: Cranleigh Road, Ewhurst, Surrey GU6 7SS

Contact: 01483 275541



Sayers Croft is a beautiful, safe and secure site with 56 acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and fields and has been providing quality outdoor experiences for young people for over 70 years.

We can provide accommodation for 200 people in six comfortable, self contained wooden chalets, each with broadband internet access, intruder alarm, common room and en suite staff rooms.


Why is this venue great for School Trips and Educational Visits?

The majority of visitors to the centre are from primary schools and as such our activities and facilities are ideal for this age range. We have 56 acres of dedicated safe grounds including fields, woodlands and streams, as well as a professional instructor to design your visit, lead sessions and host your stay. We provide self-contained accommodation on site with classrooms. Internet access, laptops and projectors are available for your use in dormitory classrooms.


What does a typical school trip or educational visit include?

On booking, groups are allocated an Instructor who will invite you to visit the centre to plan a tailor made programme based upon your objectives, whether they are academic or pastoral. We offer a wide range of activities for all key stages here are a few of our most popular activities:



• Pond study - take part in an exciting study of the fresh water habitat, exploring how different life has adapted to feed and survive in one of our custom built ponds.

• Woodland study - explore the expansive woodlands that surround Sayers Croft. Discover how insects, animals and plants live together in food chains that fit into the habitat.

• Environmental games - explore the green plants of the centre's meadows through exciting role play and games. This is an active session!

• Hill walk and habitat study - spend a whole day exploring our surrounding sandstone hills and study the different habitats that you will encounter.



• Orienteering, compass and map skills - navigate one of our many trails and courses using a variety of techniques and equipment.

• Stream study - visit either our local stream or the stream on site to study a meander. Activities include a field sketch, use of new meander-specific key words, measuring the stream depth and speed, and an invertebrate study to determine the cleanliness of the water.

• Village study - compare our small local village and your home community. Students will study the local buildings, traffic and sites of interest to discover the differences.

• Hill walk soils and land use study - investigate the different soils and drainage route for the surrounding clay and sandstone landscape. Discover how the geology has affected human use of the area.



• Team challenges - work together in groups to achieve a variety of physical and mental challenges either indoors or out on the fields.

• Shelter building - create a sturdy shelter in the woods using the natural materials available.

• Blindfold trail and maze - navigate the challenges of the centre's purpose built maze and extensive blindfold trail. Groups will learn to work together to be successful!

• Ballista building - work together to construct and operate a sponge firing machine to compete with the other teams.



• Climb - scale the centre's purpose built climbing wall to gain an aerial view of the surrounding woodlands with the help of your team.

• Woodland ropes course - enjoy swinging through the trees on our rope course. Groups will learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their partner's safety.

• Archery - using our indoor archery range, groups will challenge groups to improve their accuracy.

• Raft building - in this active and wet session, the teams will build and paddle their own rafts.

• High ropes course - a physically demanding course through the branches of our oak trees.

• Abseil - a personal challenge to control your descent down our wall.

• Zip wire - scale the high beech tree to slide from a height of 40 feet to the group below.


Arts and Craft

• Clay modelling - dig up some Sayers Croft clay and sculpt a reminder of some of the wildlife seen on your stay.

• Hazel frames - create a beautiful, translucent, leafy window decoration using hazel from our site.

• Environmental art - use our woodlands and meadows as inspiration for some larger scale landscape art.

• Corn dollies - take part in a country craft where corn is weaved to create favours that can be taken home as gifts.


What size groups do they cater for?

We can provide accommodation for 200 people in six comfortable, self contained wooden chalets, each with broadband internet access, intruder alarm, common room and en suite staff rooms.


What can they provide you with to support your school trip or educational visit?

We provide guidance sheets outlining the main objectives, teaching points and safety procedures for every activity these can be downloaded from our website at any time. Worksheets are provided before the visit and support a wide range of our activities.


Can you take photos, video or audio? Are there any copy write restrictions?

Children and schools are welcome to take photographs and videos of their visit. We even have laptops and internet access in each chalet to email them home during the visit.


How do you arrange a risk assessment?

On confirming a booking the group leader is invited to a planning visit with a dedicated Instructor who will design their timetable and host their groups visit. At this meeting all safety guidance and risk assessments are provided. We also offer all risk and safety documents for download from our website


What are the contact details for their education officer?

We employ 14 full time professional Instructors that are involved in delivering activities, designing timetables and developing new activities. One of the main advantages of having a large permanent staff is that schools are able to work with the same centre staff each year allowing schools to build a strong working relationship with our staff.


What does it cost?

We offer residential visits over the whole year so prices vary depending on the season. Prices are available for the coming year on our website. We offer free adult places at a ratio of one free adult to every ten or part of ten children. So a group of 24 children would be entitled to 3 free adults.


Is specific clothing required?

Sayers Croft is an outdoor education centre so required clothing can range from sun cream and hats to woolly jumpers and water proofs depending on the season.


Do you have first aid on site?

All teaching staff are fully first aid qualified and always carry a first aid kit when delivering activities. We also provide 24 hour onsite support from our residential staff.


What facilities do they have for school trips and educational visits?

We have a shop selling souvenirs and sweets; around £5 for a visit is usually about right.  

We have a 230 capacity dining hall that can cater for all dietary requirements.  

Other facilities include a solar heated swimming pool, campfire and BBQ areas, two large games halls, adventure play ground, 9 class rooms, 56 acres of secure playing fields, meadows and woodland.


Are there disabled facilities?

Sayers Croft offers fully accessible residential facilities. And most of the activities are also accessible to all abilities.

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Bushcraft Crafts Environment Centres Green Awareness Outdoor Education Outdoor Pursuits Personal Development-Mentoring Residential School Trips Science & Technology Team Building Wildlife and Nature

Curriculum Topics Covered: Art and Design Citizenship Environmental Studies Geography PE PSHE Science

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