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Disabled Facilities: Yes

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Address: Willowbridge Ln, Castleford, West Yorkshire WF10 5NW

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Special Offer - Book a school trip with Diggerland and receive a complimentary family of four ticket, to be used for your next school fund-raising day! To claim your complimentary Diggerland ticket, simply email with subject heading 'UK School Trips Diggerland Booking'. Include your booking reference number, school name, school address, school phone number and school email.

Diggerland is the UK’s most unique attraction where children and adults have the chance to ride, drive and operate REAL full size construction machinery, under the guidance of our trained staff - no driving licence required!

With 4 sites across the UK located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire you’re never too far away from digging to your heart's content.

Diggerland is the perfect place to take your kids for an action packed family day out. Experience the variety of rides and drives on offer - whether it’s enjoying the view on Sky Shuttle, hanging tight on Spin Dizzy, or digging dirt with a 6 ton digger, there is something for all ages!

Admission to Diggerland includes all day access to as many rides and drives as you dare. Admission charges start for anyone 90 cm's and taller, but visitors should be aware that height restrictions apply. Minimal charges apply for the coin operated rides. Little visitors under 90 cm's are limited on the amount of mechanical activities they can go on, even accompanied by an adult.

There are play areas, sandpits, coin operated rides and much more where the younger guests can let off steam whilst parents can relax and just watch the fun.  Our food facilities provide for all your meal and drink requirements, or you can bring your own lunch and take a seat at our picnic tables.

Our Park shop “The Goodie Store” is stocked full of toys and has a great selection of digger related products and clothing. You’ll find something there for all the children to buy as a memento of their day out at Diggerland.

Why is this venue great for School Trips and Educational Visits?

We're the only attraction where children can experience and get to grips with real life size construction machinery. We offer an extremely safe environment and work to HSE guidelines. People of all ages can actually get in a real digger or dumper and control the machine digging dirt, filling holes, driving the machines. It is an extremely engaging, fun and educational day out.

 What does a typical school trip or educational visit include?

A day at Diggerland can boost confidence and encourage precision, concentration and coordination.  

Diggerland has many educational benefits. Students are taught to use everyday construction machinery including real diggers and dumpers!

Throughout the visit, students will learn practical skills relevant to many industry related professions. At Diggerland students learn to be Health and Safety conscious and leave Diggerland with an understanding of safety importance including various health and safety procedures and the importance of being safe when using large, heavy machinery. Diggerland ensures students understand the hazards that are involved in a construction industry and teach students to follow basic workplace guidelines.

The career options for students interested in construction are varied.

Diggerland provides a real hands on experience for students looking to work for construction, engineering and design enterprises, professional consultants and commercial research organisations, and client enterprises with significant project portfolios such as retailers or banks.

Diggerland provides a great platform for creating a better understanding of:

•     The use of hydraulics – all of our excavators are hydraulically driven.

•    Power to weight ratio (if a vehicle has 100hp and weighs 1 tonne then its power to weight ratio is 100hp per tonne).

•    Centre of gravity and stability.

•    Tyre tread types and tyre pressure.

•    Footprint and ground bearing pressure (a machine’s footprint is the area in contact with the ground – the larger the footprint the lower the ground bearing pressure).

•    Over-steer and under-steer – when a vehicle loses traction.

•    The use of clutches and gearboxes.

•    The use of suspension and different suspension types.
Children can drive and operate: Excavators (801 Challenges, 803, 806), Dumpers, Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loader (3CX), 4 x 4 car (Pajero), Go-Karts and Mini Land Rovers. No-driving license required!

National curriculum: Diggerland caters for the following subjects; maths, science, engineering and construction.

Coaches – We have plenty of free coach parking at all four Diggerland UK parks. After a long drive, coach drivers are welcome to enter Diggerland free of charge!

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What size groups do they cater for?

Minimum numbers for group visits is 10 children accompanied by at least 2 adults.

We can cater for up to 500 people in one group per day. However special arrangements may be made upon request. Please call us to discuss on 0871 2277007.

 What can they provide you with to support your school trip or educational visit?

Upon request only. We can cater to a school's needs within reason. Please call us before making your booking to discuss further.

 Can you take photos, video or audio? Are there any copyright restrictions?

Diggerland is happy for children to take photographs, video and audio. All we ask is that children please respect other visitors wishes in terms of photography and audio. There are no copyright restrictions.

How do you arrange a risk assessment?

We kindly ask that group/school leaders make direct contact with Diggerland either by phone (08712277007) or email ( to book their familiarization visit.

Risk assessements can be provided upon request.

What are the contact details for their education officer?

We do not have an Education Officer. However the managers at each park will assist with school/group bookings as much as possible on the day, during the visit.

What does it cost?

Group Prices (Turn up on the day & pay)

Pay on the Day prices for groups that have NOT pre-booked (entry during standard opening times)

•    Under 90 cm’s tall: Admitted Free

•    Anyone 90 cm’s or taller (min group size 10): £16.99 per person

•    Anyone aged 65 or over: £9.95 per person

Any disabled visitor in the group will pay as shown above but may bring in one carer or helper free of charge.

The above prices include unlimited numbers of rides and drives on all the diggers and dumper, all day (excludes coin-operated machines).

Group Prices (advance booking rates)

Pre-booked group rates (entry during standard opening times)

•    Groups of 10 – 49 children/adults: £13.99 per person

•    Groups of 50 children/adults or more: £ 11.99 per person

One teacher / helper per 10 children is admitted free of charge. All other accompanying adults must be paid for a shown above.

Advance bookings must be made no later than 14 days prior to your visit date.

Any disabled visitor in the group will pay as shown above but may bring in one carer or helper free of charge.

The above prices include unlimited numbers of rides and drives on all the diggers and dumper, all day (excludes coin-operated machines).

Group Prices (weekdays during term time)

Pre-booked group rates whilst Diggerland is closed to the public (i.e. Weekdays during term time).

These prices are for two and a half hour session of rides and drives. We have 2 time slots that you could book, 10:00am until 12:30pm or 1:30pm until 4:00pm.

•    Groups of 25 to 49 children: £13.99 per peson

•    Groups of 50 or more children: £11.99 per person

Any disabled visitor in the group will pay as shown above but may bring in one carer or helper free of charge.

Advance bookings must be made no later than 14 days prior to your visit date.

One teacher/helper per 10 children is admitted free of charge. All other accompanying adults  must be paid for as shown above.

Is specific clothing required?

Diggerland is very hands on, active and can be a muddy environment. We therefore ask that children wear comfortable, waterproof clothing and flat closed-toe trainers, boots or wellies.

 Do you have first aid on site?

Diggerland have qualified first-aid members of staff on site at all times. We also have a dedicated first aid room.

What facilities do they have for school trips and educational visits?

•    Free coach parking

•    Food & refreshments available to purchase

•    Picnic areas for packed lunch

•    Goodie store gift shop with many items at pocket money prices from as little as 50p per item.

•    Toilets (including disabled toilet)

•    Disabled access

•    Baby changing

Our site offers play areas, sandpits and coin operated rides. Our food establishment fully provide for meal and drink requirements. Pack-lunches are more than welcome and children can eat at our picnic tables. Our park shop "The Goodie Store" is stocked full of toys and has a great selection of digger related items and clothing.

We advise children to bring along £5.00 for the restaurant and £3.00 for the shop.

Are there disabled facilities?

We receive many visits from special needs groups and we almost always receive positive feedback.

•    Wheelchair accessible

•    Disabled toilet

•    Disabled access

What are your opening days and hours?

Open from 10:00am - 5:00pm (4:00pm February)

Weekends, bank holidays and 7 days a week during school holidays.

(Closed during the winter - please check website for full details)

Diggerland will open on other days for school/group visits upon request, subject to T&Cs.

Do you have any testimonials from previous customers who have visited you on an educational visit?

Diggerland is an awesome day out but don't take our word for it! Check out our Trip Advisor page before visiting to read through our fantastic reviews! 

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your


Please note that group discounts are NOT available on adult-only racing activities.

Height restrictions apply on all the rides and drives in Diggerland. For a few rides the minimum height is 80cms. For most rides the minimum height is 90cms. Diggerland is not suitable for children under 80cms tall, as they will not be able to go on any of the real construction machinery rides and drives, even if accompanied by an adult.
Alongside all the normal fun and excitement, Diggerland can provide valuable information, training and first hand experience to school groups. Children can experience Diggerland with the emphasis on “Learning through fun”. Several areas of the National Curriculum are catered for, primarily in Science, Design & Technology and Mathematics Key Stages 1 & 2.

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Adventure Playgrounds Indoor Activity & Soft Play Centres Outdoor Education Outdoor Pursuits Picnic Areas Safety Awareness Science & Technology Themed Attractions Team Building

Curriculum Topics Covered: Design and Technology Engineering Mathematics Science

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