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Disabled Facilities: Yes

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Address: Gillmoss RDC Bridgehouse Lane, Liverpool, L10 5HA, Bidston RDC Wallasey Bridge Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1EB,

Contact: 0203 567 4228



Our two Merseyside Discovery Centres in Merseyside enable you to see state-of-the-art recycling in action and delve into the world of waste!

Veolia is dedicated to changing perceptions of waste within Merseyside. Our FREE waste education programme aims to raise awareness of waste solutions and promote action to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The two Recycling Discovery Centres (RDCs), in Bidston-Wirral and Gillmoss-Liverpool offer an interactive experience which uses the very latest technology to inspire and educate all schools and community groups. Visitors can discover what happens to their waste, and experience the recovery process of recycling from our extensive viewing platform and live CCTV.


We have two Recycling Discovery Centres in Merseyside:

Gillmoss RDC

Bridgehouse Lane, Liverpool, L10 5Ha

Bidston RDC

Wallasey Bridge Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1EB

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”@MerseyRDC” ( )

Why is this venue great for School Trips and Educational Visits?

Merseyside’s two Recycling Discovery Centres, Bidston (Wirral) and Gillmoss (Liverpool), offer an interactive education experience to all EYFS, KS1-4, Further Education and Higher Education Groups. Through our free education programme you will see state-of-the-art recycling in action and delve into the world of waste!

Veolia is dedicated to changing perceptions of waste within Merseyside. By considering why wasting things does matter and identifying actions to reduce, reuse and recycle, your group will go home more knowledgeable about their impact upon the environment and be inspired to make a difference.

All sessions are led by a qualified teacher and are customised to suit the needs and learning requirements of the group. All will include links to the National Curriculum.

Our sessions last up to two hours (longer sessions available on request) and are a mix of guided group work, discussion, hands on activities and exploration.

Why are you a great place for educational visits?

Our purpose built, visually stimulating classrooms are fully accessible.

Visitors to Gillmoss will also get a birds’ eye view of the technology used to sort and separate the recycling collected from the home. It really is the science behind our waste!

The Recycling Discovery Centre staff are STEM Ambassadors and Veolia are members of the Business Class programme managed by Business in the Community.

We actively work with schools and groups to tailor the visit to their needs. Whether it’s an introduction to recycling, an in-depth science lesson or guidance for an eco-council, we provide a fun and educational visit for all. There are endless cross-curricular links which are explored with the group during visits.

As the Recycling Discovery Centres are located in working industrial buildings we have access to the wider aspects of a waste & recycling business both from an operational and business point of view. So why not use us to deliver a session on:

• Preparing for the World of Work;
• Health & Safety in the Work Place;
• Resource Depletion & The Circular Economy;
• Management Decisions in the Work Place;
• Where there’s Muck there’s Maths – how problem solving is used every day;
• The Built Environment – the role design and architecture has on a location.

Free on site parking for minibuses and coaches.

Do you have the LOtC Quality Badge or any other accreditation such as AALA?

The Centres have been accredited by Learning Outside the Classroom for the range of interactive activities available and the opportunities for ‘learning through play’.

Typical activities at the Recycling Discovery Centre's include:

A typical session has three parts:

• Guided group work, presentations and discussion on the impact of waste; what we can do at home to recycle and reduce our impact upon the environment;
• Materials Recovery Facility Tour: from our internal and covered walkway at Gillmoss you will see recycling in action (for the Bidston site this is achieved via CCTV in the classroom) and
• Waste & Recycling Games & Activities: hands on self-guided learning for EYFS, KS1 & 2; for KS3-4 group work.

EYFS Areas of Learning supported include: 

Building confidence to choose activities and discuss ideas; playing co-operatively; taking turns; following instructions to carry out activities; talk about events in their own lives and that of their family; talk about similarities and differences between objects.

KS1 and 2 National Curriculum Links (but not limited to):
Materials and their properties/ uses; balanced & unbalanced forces; persuasive writing; explanation of a process; geography (our place).
Topic work including: Ways to save our planet; Eco Warriors; Is Plastic Fantastic? Slim Your Bin; Zero Waste Your Lunch; Litter.

KS3 and 4:
Science – waste disposal, the efficacy of recycling, product life cycles;
D&T – the impact of design on the environment;
Geography – investigating sustainability.

HE/FE Groups:
Environment and Countryside, Geography, Environmental Science, Environmental Health, Architecture, Child Care, Business Studies, PGCE and Teacher Training.

More detailed session outlines and curriculum links are available on our website.

Primary Schools – guidance for eco-councils, litter workshops, waste free packed lunch challenge, inter-school eco-summits, slim your bin activities, recycling computer games, interactive whiteboard activities, 3Rs workshops, green screen and video camera and drama performances.

Secondary Schools – explore the waste hierarchy and discuss global, national and local responsibilities, understand the human impacts on the environment, explore renewable and non-renewable energy sources, contextualise maths in a business environment, interactive group work and discussion groups exploring waste solutions for sustainable development.

Higher Education Courses – BTEC Environment and Countryside, Geography, Environmental Science, Developing Environmental Awareness, Architecture, PGCE and Teacher Training.

Community Groups - Information and discussions about recycling at a global and local level. We welcome all community groups for a guided tour of the recycling facility.

We actively work with schools to tailor our visits to your needs. Whether it’s an introduction to recycling, an in-depth science lesson or guidance for an eco-council, we can provide a fun and educational day out for all, ask when booking if you want us to cover a specific topic.

This venue has the following accreditation:

The Centre’s have been accredited by Learning Outside the Classroom for the range of interactive activities available and the opportunities for ‘learning through play’

What size groups do they cater for?

Minimum group size is 3; maximum is 30 pupils (20 at Bidston)

What can they provide you with to support your school trip or educational visit?

The Recycling Discovery Centres have a selection of resources to take away written by the Education Team.

Can you take photos, video or audio? Are there any copyright restrictions?

Yes, we encourage schools to take photos on the day.

How do you arrange a risk assessment?

Pre-visits are accommodated on request and are encouraged and can be booked via email or phone.

When you are ready to book your school or group in, just complete our online booking form. On receipt we will confirm the visit and send out a Risk Assessment for the group including Safe Visit Procedures and Indemnity Form.

Are you currently on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes visit us on Twitter:

What are the contact details for their education officer?

Kirsty Martin, Education Officer:

Tel: 0203 567 4228

What does it cost?

Visits to the Recycling Discovery Centres are free of charge.

Is specific clothing required?

We do not require children to wear any specific clothing for our visits.

Do you have first aid on site?

We have a qualified first aider on site.

Please list facilities available.

Where a group has requested a full day session, pupils can bring their packed lunch and eat in our classroom. There are no other facilities on site.

Are there disabled facilities?

The Recycling Discovery Centres are fully accessible and cater for visitors with cognitive, sensory and mobility impairments.

What are your opening days and hours?

We operate standard business hours of 9-5pm. Monday – Friday

• Morning sessions are usually between 10am – 12am

• Afternoon sessions are usually between 1pm – 3pm

These session times are as a guide: we can be flexible over the timings of visits in order to suit your requirements.

After-school and twilight sessions are available on request.

Do you have any testimonials from previous customers who have visited you on an educational visit that we can include in your section?

“Great communication via email prior to visit. Great use of resources and gave the children an insight into the recycling industry. Wonderful experience and would recommend other schools to tap into this facility” – Year 5 Teacher, Northwood Primary School, Knowsley. Comment received 21/11/15

“Amazing visit. Kirsty Martin was fantastic and dealt with our visually impaired children brilliantly. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learnt so much. The children were fully engaged as demonstrated by continuous questions. The children were made to feel at ease by Kirsty and this is so important with VI children. The visit was fully adapted to their needs and Kirsty had even gone to the trouble to make tactile resources for VI children which was wonderful to see. Our children were made to feel so welcome. Thank you” – St Vincent’s School, Liverpool. Comment received 3/12/15.

“Thank you Kirsty. The session was very interactive and informative. Children were excited to walk through the 'doors of wonder'. You explained the process very well and at their level” – Year 2 Teacher, Freshfield Primary School, Sefton. Comment received: 31/1/16

“Excellent visit enjoyed by children and staff. Very informative and activities varied to keep the interest of the class. Loved the classroom activities. Kirsty was a brilliant deliverer of the session and knew just how to engage the children and keep them interested” – Year 4 Teacher, Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool. Comment received 11/1/16

“The visit was overall outstanding. Kirsty works very hard to deliver specific presentations which fit in with the needs of the specification and with the interests of students. She is knowledgeable and approachable and makes you look forward to the next visit. Thanks again.” – A Level Business Studies Tutor, St Helens College. Comment received 5/2/16.

In response to the question can you tell me three facts your have learned today, a Year 3 pupil from Liverpool replied in January: “I can’t remember any as all the fun has pushed the facts away!”

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?

We are not a rubbish trip!

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Ecological Recycle & Waste Centres Environment Centres Green Awareness

Curriculum Topics Covered: Design and Technology Environmental Studies Mathematics Science

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

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