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At the heart of the World Heritage Site is the Roman Baths.  On a visit you can see the ruins of the Temple of Minerva, visit the bath-house where people bathed nearly 2000 years ago and see the only hot springs in the UK.  You will walk where Romans once walked around the Great Bath and meet Roman characters from the town of Aquae Sulis.

Admission to the Roman Baths includes the award-winning free audio-guide.  We have a guide especially designed for children.  A British Sign Language guide is also now available.

Our facilitated sessions offer a view into the life of Romans in Britain.  Children handle original and replica objects, make mosaics, dress like a Roman and write like a Roman.

Why is this venue great for School Trips and Educational Visits?

Our facilitated visits give children a chance to experience a range of engaging activities which bring the Romans to life.  We also offer a free teacher’s pack to download from our web site which provides pre-visit information, activities to do on a visit and ideas for follow up work.

What does a typical school trip or educational visit include?

Self-guided visits

Groups can visit self-guided and take advantage of our teacher pack and free audioguide.  Contact the group booking office to make a reservation –

Explore our resources on the learning pages of the Roman Baths web site – and download trails, activities which include history, science and classics.

Facilitated visits

Many teachers take advantage of our teaching sessions which are linked to the new National Curriculum.  Sessions can be booked by completing our booking form on the learning pages of our website – and emailed to

Primary schools

Meet the Romans – explore history, literacy and numeracy in our special session for years 3 and 4.  Handle artefacts a Roman would use to take a bath and try the ‘counter challenge’ and ‘take a view’on the past.

Roman Life – investigate life as a Roman.  Handle roman artefacts choosing a session from bathing, buildings and technology or cooking and food and also choose to dress as a Roman, make marvelous mosaics or try our write on challenge.


Roman Times - KS1 

A 1-hour activity session exploring Roman life. Try on togas, make a mosaic and handle real Roman objects.

Roman Life - KS2

This 60 minute activity session covers general aspects of Roman life. Handle Roman objects choosing from bathing, building and technology or cooking and food. Add two choices from Togas and Tunics, Write on or Marvellous Mosaics.

Meet the Romans (Years 3 and 4 only)

This interactive session explores history, literacy, numeracy and art. It is an opportunity to touch real Roman objects, try the 'counter' challenge and 'take a view' on the past.

Romans Revisited - KS3&4

The observation, investigation and handling of artefacts and sources offers pupils the chance to explore Roman bathing and Roman life at this historic site. This also encourages them to make important links to their own lives today. This session allows pupils to build upon key skills, such as evaluation and interpretation, as well as encouraging them to come to well-reasoned conclusions based on analysis of evidence.

Welcome to Aquae Sulis

A 1 hour session for Latin and Classical Civilisation students. The session includes a presentation on the site and the people who came here, and artefact handling.

Latin and Classics resources - We have been working with Anne Dicks from Malvern St James School to prepare resources for use in the classroom, on-site at the Roman Baths and for follow-up projects. 

Science at the Roman Baths

Look at science with us at the Roman Baths. Recently five teachers from the University of Bath created some activities for you to do with your class. Several activities can be done in one visit and there is a challenge for everyone. There are also teacher information packs to accompany the activities.

Do you have a YouTube Video link regarding your venue?

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What size groups do they cater for?

To qualify for the group discount price the group needs to number 20.  We also offer free adult places on condition that they supervise their group throughout their visit according to a ratio: up to 11 years 1 free adult per 10 children and 12 years upwards 1 free adult per 15 children.  We do not have a maximum group size but large groups may be split into smaller groups to enter the museum.  Teaching sessions have a maximum limit of 35 including children and adults.

What can they provide you with to support your school trip or educational visit?

Our Learning web pages on the Roman Baths web site feature a range of free activities for history, science and classics.  We also have children pages which teachers often use as background information before a visit.  We have worked with local teachers and PGCE students to create our activities.  We offer free teacher  pre-visits once a class visit has been booked.

Can you take photos, video or audio? Are there any copyright restrictions?

Visitors are welcome to use hand-held cameras and video recorders on site, including the use of flash.  However permission must be obtained from the museum for the use of tripods.

How do you arrange a risk assessment?

Teachers can download a generic visit risk assessment from our web site.  We can also arrange a free teacher pre-visit once a group visit has been booked.

What are the contact details for their education officer?

You can contact our Learning & Programmes Co-ordinator by telephone or email:  01225 477757 or

To make a group booking please contact by email the booking office at

What does it cost?

Please see the website for the current prices

Is specific clothing required?

The Roman surface of the Great Bath area is uneven so flat shoes are advised but otherwise there are no special clothing requirements.

Do you have first aid on site?

Yes – we have qualified First Aiders on site.

What facilities do they have for school trips and educational visits?

Facilities available: Shops, toilets, an adapted toilet is normally available close to the entrance and we have baby changing facilities. We do not have an onsite lunch room but talk to our booking office staff about booking a space locally or using the nearby Parade Gardens.

Are there disabled facilities?

We have a good range of facilities for visitors with disabilities.  Please find out more information on our web site.  Look for the section ‘accessiblity’ which provides the most up to date information.

What are your opening days and hours?

The Roman Baths is open daily apart from 25 and 26 December, at the following times.

January - February: 09.30 - 17.00, exit 18.00

March - June: 09.00 - 17.00, exit 18.00

July - August: 09.00 - 21.00, exit 22.00

September - October: 09.00 - 17.00, exit 18.00

November - December: 09.30 - 17.00, exit 18.00

Do you have any testimonials from previous customers who have visited you on an educational visit?

The educational visit was excellent but so was time to explore.  Meeting a ‘real’ Roman was very memorable for the children.  Southwick Primary School

Children were able to link things in the museum with what we have learnt in class.  Old Cleeve Primary School

We had a brilliant educational day.  Wansdyke Primary School

Both tour and teaching session were excellent.  Reigate Grammar School.

The children loved the Baths and were very engaged all day.  St Stephen’s Primary School.

An excellent day enjoyed by all.  Holy Trinity Primary School.

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Historic Buildings Historical Heritage Museums

Curriculum Topics Covered: Art and Design English Geography History Leisure & Tourism Religious Education Science

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

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