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Freestyle Football Workshops offer Freestyle Football workshops, demonstrations & inspirational talks to schools up and down the UK. There is now a huge demand amongst young people to not only experience Freestyle Football but also to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Our workshops are here to teach the basic Freestyle Football tricks whilst inspiring pupils to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of a football. Our workshops are taught by one of the world's top Football Freestylers - Jamie Knight. Jamie has performed all over the world at some of the world's most high profile events including on the pitch the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final; so your pupils are guaranteed to leave filling amazed, motivated & inspired!

Please summarize why you are great to support learning. Think about anything unique.
Freestyle Football can dramatically build core fundamental skills that are useful in all aspects of life. At Freestyle Football Workshops we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst young people all through the use of a football. Freestyle Football workshops will increase your pupils self-confidence, increase their collaboration skills, improve body awareness & co-ordination, as well as allowing their imagination and creativity to flourish. Ultimately the core ethos between Freestyle Football Workshops is to encourage young people to pursue their passions & to live a healthy lifestyle.

What does a typical school workshop visit include?
Each Workshop roughly follows this schedule :
Introduction to Freestyle Football
5 minute Freestyle Football Demonstration
Teaching of 10-15 Freestyle Tricks
Fun Freestyle Games
Demonstration of Freestylers Hardest Tricks
Q&A session with the Freestyler
A selection of the following tricks will be taught :
Basic Flick-up
Foot Stall
Basics to Juggling
Rocket Launcher
Reverse Rocket Launcher
Spinning Rocket Launcher
Spin Magic
Neck Stall
Neck Stall press-ups
Head Stall
Shoulder Stall
Arm Rolls
Finger Spin
Sit-down Juggling
Around the World
Hop the World

These tricks are designed to be do-able for pupils of ages 5-18. Each trick has a different level of difficulty but at least 6 of these tricks can be comfortably achievable for pupils as young as 5. Ideally we don’t want the pupils to be able to do all the tricks with ease as challenging the pupils will allow them to improve their physical & social skills as well allowing them to have instil a never give up mentality!

Do you have a video on YouTube or anywhere else that you would like to link to?
Freestyle Football Workshops Promotional Video 2017 -

Typical Teaching of a Freestyle Football Trick -

Are you on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media?

What group sizes do you cater for?
The workshops can cater for sizes of 5 - 35. Each workshop can last anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes. The schools must provide the additional footballs - one between two is enough!

Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio if appropriate?
Children / Teachers are more than welcome to take photos/videos.

Are your team CRB checked for attending schools/colleges etc?
All our Freestylers are fully CRB checked.

What is the cost?
We offer 4 different workshop packages :

Platinum Package - £500 + Travel

15 to 30 minute assembly Freestyle Football Performance & Presentation.
Full day of Freestyle Football Workshops.

Gold Package - £400 + Travel

Full day of Freestyle Football Workshops.

Silver Package - £400 + Travel

15 to 30 minute assembly Freestyle Football Performance & Presentation.
Half day of Freestyle Football Workshops.

Bronze Package £300 + Travel

Half Day of Freestyle Football Workshops.

11. Is specific clothing required for when you visit?

PE kit is preferred but not required.

Where geographically will you visit?
We visit everywhere in the UK.

Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?
“We would rate you 5/5 for the session and the students thought you were absolutely brilliant. Feedback from all of them was very positive and as soon as the session eneded they were researching you on the internet!” - Mr.Colley - PE Teacher - Focus School - Wilton.

“Fantastic day for all of the children, every child was engaged and were in awe of Jamie and wanted to copy him and learn from him. It was such a super day that we are getting Jamie in again to work with some more children soon! It was a brilliant day had by all (teachers and children), the children have already told me that they were practising the skills at home last night that they learnt yesterday. I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone!” Miss. Clarke - Brandlehow Primary School - Putney.

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?
Freestyle Football is without doubt a fastly growing sport which the majority of young people in the UK now are fully aware of. There is now a huge demand for kids to experience Freestyle Football - these workshops are an absolute must if you want to inspire your pupils and to get them active!

Age of Children / Pupils: Pre-school 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Football Rugby & Cricket Clubs Health & Nutrition Outdoor Education Sports Team Building

Curriculum Topics Covered: PE

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

Who Visits Who?: We visit you

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