Region: West Midlands

Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Day Trip Destinations

Address: Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Little Elborow Street, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3BZ

Contact: 01788 533642



World Rugby Hall of Fame schools programme offers students a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by the game, its heritage, its global story and its exceptional players, all in the birthplace of Rugby.
The fully-interactive visitor attraction combines the latest technology to showcase the game of Rugby, with options to complete trails around the attraction and taking part in specially designed workshops, such as ball stitching and T-shirt printing. For more information call 01788 533224

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Why you are you a great place for educational visits?
The World Rugby Hall of Fame is a fantastic interactive experience, which is ideally placed to combined with visits to Rugby School, where the game was invented, the Webb Ellis Museum and a guided tour of the town.

Do you have the LOtC Quality Badge or any other accreditation such as AALA?
VAQA ( Visitor Attraction Quality Assured)

What does a typical educational visit include?
World Rugby Hall of Fame Museum tour - £35 per class, Max: 35 pupils per tour, Duration: 45 minutes Let our education team guide you through the history of rugby, the nations, the spirit and values of the game and explore the personalities who have inspired millions. The tour includes an interactive trail and object handling activities.

Workshops - All workshops include a tour and activities in the World Rugby Hall of Fame for approximately 45 minutes and a teacher’s guide for pre and post visit activities. All workshops fulfil the learning outside of the classroom and ‘curriculum enrichment’ agendas. The sessions will be adapted to suit the key stage / age range of your group.

On the ball - Where and how balls were made and ball stitching £130 per class Max: 60 pupils or 2 classes. Duration: 2 hours
Where was the ball created in the town and why was it first made out of leather? Explore the Hall of Fame, followed by hands on learning about the heritage of the rugby ball, with handling objects and old photographs of ball making. Students can learn how to stitch and create their own ball out of leatherette, followed by stenciling on their name in a traditional method. To finish the workshop, your class can look the part for a photo in front of a back drop with their ball and a traditional style velvet rugby cap.

Wear it with Pride - Evolution of the shirt.
£160 per class 2.5 hours Max: 30 pupils Printing onto fabric squares
£190 per class 3 hours Max: 30 pupils printing onto T-shirts

How has the rugby shirt changed? From the origins of the game in the school to modern day high performance fabrics, learn about the development of the rugby shirt and how it has evolved in both materials and design. Students will have the opportunity to handle kit, explore logos and design and print a real shirt in groups. To finish the workshop, your class can look the part for a photo in front of a backdrop with their t-shirt and a traditional style velvet Rugby cap.

The 'Spirit of the Games' in the birth place.
Origins of the game, core values and banner creation.
£100 per class Max: 60 pupils or 2 classes. Duration: 2 hours
The core values of rugby are an integral part of the sport and can be used in our daily lives. This workshop will investigate the origins of the game in the town and the creation of rules, leading to todays 'Spirit of the Games' which includes passion, integrity, solidarity, discipline and respect. Students will have the opportunity to discover photographs and handling objects, explore the meaning of the core values, and use these to create a textile banner in small groups. To finish the workshop, your class can look the part for a photo in front of a back drop with their banners and a traditional style velvet Rugby cap.

What group sizes do you cater for?
Some sessions cater for up to a class (maximum of 35) other sessions up 60.

Do you provide projects, teacher’s packs, work sheets or any useful information?
We provide specific curriculum linked workshops, but we also provide teachers packs, pre and post visit packs and worksheets.

Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio?
Children can take videos and photos and audio.

What is your process for booking pre arranged risk assessments?
Yes Risk assessments are provide and a visit can be arranged by calling 01788 533224

Does your venue have an education officer?
Sally Godden 01788 533224

What is the cost of the visit?
Sessions vary from guided tours from £45 to workshops starting at £130 for a class depending on the session. Adults are free

Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?

Please list facilities available.
Lunch facilities can be pre booked if available. We have a shop and pre order goody bags can be arranged.

What are your disabled facilities?
The building is fully accessible.

What are your opening days and hours?
Monday – Friday 10.00am – 5.00pm Saturday - Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm

Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?
The children had a wonderful experience and really enjoyed learning about Rugby. The Hall of Fame really had the wow factor.

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Historical Heritage Museums Sports

Curriculum Topics Covered: Design and Technology History PE PSHE

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December