Region: Scotland

Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Accommodation & Residential Trips

Address: Badrallach Accommodation, Croft 9, Dundonnell, Garve, Ross-shire, Inverness, IV23 2QP

Contact: 01845 613240



On the tranquil shores of Little Loch Broom overlooking An Teallach, one of Scotland’s finest mountain ranges, Badrallach Bothy, Campsite, and Cottage with its welcoming traditional buildings, offers a fine base for walking and climbing in the hills of Wester Ross, Caithness and Sutherland. You can fish in the rivers, hill lochs and sea, or simply watch the flora and fauna including many orchids, golden eagles, otters, porpoises, pine martens, deer and wild goats. Such biodiversity creates a perfect site for exploring subjects such as biology, botany, marine biology, ecology and geology. There are also nearby historical and archeological sites. Guests often sit around the peat stove in the gas light (there is now electric here too) and discuss life over a dram or two. Hot showers, spotless accommodation (STB graded 4 star excellent), an unbelievable price, and the total peace makes the Bothy and camp site one that visitors return to year after year. There is also a 4 star cottage which provides some luxury for group leaders.

Outdoor adventuring is the name of the game here, and it’s a great place for walking, climbing and kayaking. Kayaks, inflatables and sailing boats are available for hire to residents subject to experience and weather. By boat you can visit our resident colony of seals, basking upon the rocks, or peering at you when they emerge for a breath of air. Qualified guides and instructors can be provided upon request. You can also hire fishing rods. Corrieshalloch Gorge is a spectacular chasm (20 minutes’ drive) that you can reach easily from the road. An Teallach (8 miles) – ‘Scotland’s finest ridge walk’, includes 2 Munros; 635-metre Beinn Ghobhlach is just behind the campsite; and there’s a beautiful 5-mile lochside stroll into the roadless off-grid community of Scoraig. Gairloch Marine Life Centre (40 miles) – join an expert marine biologist on a 2-hour cruise to spot porpoises, whales, dolphins and basking sharks; 01445 712636.

EarthMind Fellowship, CIC, our social enterprise, runs nature-oriented workshops at Badrallach exploring both our inner nature and the nature all around.

An ethic of sustainability and environmental stewardship: Innovative renovations of traditional buildings by architect and previous owner Mic Stott, have created eclectic and eco-friendly accommodations. We’ve made every effort to be kind to the Earth and use eco-friendly cleaning products, recycled paper, and LED lighting. The site is run on 100% renewable energy provided by Ecotricity and the wood for our wood-stoves is provided by a Ullapool-based social enterprise which sources local timber.

We have been listed in the Guardian as one of the best Hideaway places in the world and feature in the Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Cool camping and many overseas publications.

Directions: GR 065 915 Located in the Scottish Highlands off the A835 Inverness-Ullapool road on the vast and beautiful Dundonnell Estate, the site sits at the roads end off the A832 one mile east of the Dundonnell Hotel. The single track road meanders 7 delightful miles west to Badrallach, over an 18th century hump back bridge, past the mansion house, through a romantic little strath over a pass and eventually to the lochshore below.

Public Transport: Westerbus (01445 712255) Mon/Wed/Sat between Inverness and Gairloch drops at Dundonnell, 7 miles from hostel.

Do you have a video on YouTube or anywhere else that you would like to link to?

Interview with Owen Okie, founder of EarthMind Fellowship, on Integral Herbal Medicine.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media?

Facebook: Badrallach Campsite:

EarthMind Fellowship, CIC:

Do you have the LOtC Quality Badge or any accreditation such as Tourist Board, or AALA. 

Green Tourism Gold for the Bothy and Cottage.
Scottish Tourism Board: 4 stars for Cottage and Campsite.

What group sizes do you cater for?
Total campsite, bothy and cottage: 121.

Please give information regarding room sizes and room facilities?
Campsite: 21 pitches with approximately 5/pitch or two tents.

Cottage: 4 total in two rooms in single beds. The cottage has wood-stoves, living room, kitchen and its own bathroom/bath/shower.

Bothy: 12 (require sleeping bag and camping mattress. There are 3 sleeping platforms which each hold 4 people. There is also a cooking area, a large table for meals, couches, and games.

The campsite and bothy have hot showers and bathrooms, including a disabled accessible bathroom and baby changing facility.

What is the cost of the accommodation?
Campsite: Adults 5, 2-16 for 2.5, under 2 free. Car/vehicle: 2.5. Pitch/tent: 2.5.
(Example: 2 adults, in one tent, with one car = 15/night)

Bothy: 8/person or 100/night for sole usage for groups.

Cottage: 350/eek. Off-peak rate of 300.
Group discounts can be provided as can an off peak-discount.

What is your process for booking pre arranged risk assessments?
There are smoke detectors, fire blankets, and fire extinguishers that are regularly tested.

Does your Accommodation have a booking contact?
Owen and Christy Okie:  01854-613 240

Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?
Bringing a qualified first aider is advisable. If EarthMind Fellowship is running a workshop, Owen Okie, is BASP First Aid at Work qualified.

Please list facilities available.
The focus of Badrallach is nature. For relaxing, playing, exploring, learning or socializing the outdoors will be your primary focus. Groups can gather in the Bothy to eat, warm and dry up, cook meals, chat, hold discussions or classes, play games, or read books. There is a wood-stove to take the bite out of the Scottish wind. The kitchen area provides plenty of countertop space for preparing meals, a large sink for washing up, and a fridge with a small freezer. A cook-kit with pots, pans, utensils, and two-burner stove can be hired upon request.

Freedom from the digital world! We have no wi-fi so Badrallach provides us with a respite from the virtually inescapable digital realm. This is an opportunity to engage person to person and person to nature, as humanity has for millions of years.

There are electric hook-ups for 4 caravans.

Food must be brought in. The nearest store is the Dundonnel Store or the Tesco in Ullapool. Highland Whole Foods, in Inverness, can also make deliveries of bulk foods for larger groups.

What are your disabled facilities?
There is a disabled accessible bathroom with wheelchair access. The sleeping area in the Bothy is also disabled accessible. Campsite pitches 1-12 are also wheelchair accessible.

What are your opening days and hours?
We are open every-day, year-round. A campsite attendant comes by morning and evening and can also meet groups upon arrival.

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?
Nature-based Retreats and Workshops with EarthMind Fellowship, CIC.

We can provide a variety of nature-oriented workshops for exploring nature, both inner and outer, incorporating herbal medicine and nutrition, health and wellness, stress-management, HeartMath, Wilderness Therapy and creative approaches such as dance, music, art and writing. We offer:

1. Self-awareness and nature-awareness training (i.e.meditation and HeartMath) to reduce stress and anxiety, build resilience and help individuals to understand themselves emotionally and psychologically.

2. Outdoor skills including woodland knowledge, shelter building, camping and hiking, plant usage. These survival skills are intended to enhance confidence and skill-sets and to reflect on the relevance of these activities working as a community.

3. Working with nature based mythology to explore personal lives in a group setting. This will be a therapeutic exercise intended to enable experiences of personal growth and self-expression.

4. Health and Wellness consultations, workshops, classes, and retreats incorporating natural and integrative approaches to healing including herbal medicine and nutrition, stress-management and resilience building (for example HeartMath), and counselling.

Our mission is to promote a sense of connection with and respect for nature while enhancing mental and physical health and well-being. Activities focus on building self-awareness, nature-awareness, and emotional intelligence, improving communications skills, transforming stress into resilience, health and nutrition. We aim to work with individuals, charities and businesses to support those struggling with stress, addiction, and mental and physical health conditions, as well as those interested in personal growth and development.

• Mental and physical health and well-being
• Skills for surviving and thriving in the wilderness and the world, inner and outer.
• Resolving and releasing past trauma
• Decreased stress and increased resilience
• Increased emotional intelligence
• Self-confidence and inner strength
• Communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills
• More peaceful relationships
• Experiencing a deep kinship with nature, plants and animals
• Developing a personal, professional or creative project
• Creative work in art, writing, music or dance.
• Better focus and concentration
• Improved Test Scores
• Decreased Social and Performance Anxiety
• Nutrition and Self-care

EarthMind’s Vision

Our vision is to reconnect individuals and organizations to the beauty, joy and wonder evoked by nature and re-open them to a sense of connection and gratitude, for the life continually provided by our planet in settings both remote and wild, and mundane and developed. It is oft said that Nature is the greatest healer. In bringing people into contact with the natural world in a therapeutic context, we are creating an optimal environment or container for the safe exploration and healing of psychological wounds, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma as well as personal development in general. Nature is also a great source of inspiration. By bringing people into contact with Nature and creating an inspirational context, we are catalyzing people’s creativity, nurturing their dreams, and supporting them in achieving their highest potentials. The journey into Nature encompasses both the outer world and the inner world which are ultimately inter-meshed and inter-dependent. During this journey you may find yourself bush-whacking through psychological realms, plunging into the deep waters of your soul, or climbing to the peaks of Spirit, in an adventure that facilitates both healing and wholing.

HeartMath and HRV Biofeedback

One of our most important influences, HeartMath is a scientifically validated set of techniques, tools, and biofeedback technology for transforming stress, building resilience, and achieving high performance and enhanced creativity. Stress and “negative” emotions have a potential impact on our well-being and our health -- including elevated cortisol and blood-pressure, suppressed immune function and cognitive capacity -- and contribute to anxiety, depression, low-energy and difficulties in work and relationships. HeartMath is beneficial for those in search of greater health, well-being, vitality, business and sports performance, and improved relationships.

The technology (heart-rate variability monitors) are a great way to get techies and kids/teenagers to buy in and get hooked on the whole approach. I think its actually much more accessible, and shows quicker results than mindfulness (you can teach people basic techniques in just a few minutes and easily demonstrate changes in Heart-Rate Variability). Many studies have been conducted on the use of HeartMath in schools from primary up through university. These have demonstrated improved social skills, better emotional self-regulation and impulse control, improved focus in children diagnosed with ADHD, and improved test scores in math and reading exams. Teachers will also receive much deserved support in reducing the stresses of their often challenging work.

For more information on HeartMath use with students see:

For more information please contact:


Age of Children / Pupils: Pre-school 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

Accommodation Type: Bunkhouses Camping Lodges

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