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Pulse seeks to provide an educational service that is second to none, skilled and experienced within Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs settings, we uphold the value of experience based learning, promoting knowledge, which is charged with passion, memories and creativity. At Pulse, we believe that the process of learning is just as important, if not more important, than the end subject matter, we are about the development of character, the strengthening of confidence and the expression of imagination. Aligning ourselves within the guidelines of the National Curriculum (2015), Pulse brings an additional aspect to experiential learning, by contextually framing our material within social, technological and scientific applications, found within the real world, we are able to translate what is often abstract and confusing into memorable, fun and liveable experiences for all students from KS2 – KS5.

Please summarize why you are great to support learning.

Our material, information and resources are at the most cutting edge of forensic technology, taking some of the most recent advancements in the field and translating them into our provision. Our delivery is informative to a level which lies beyond a standard ‘Google search’, by working closely with forensic professionals, crime scene investigators and advanced forensic academics we are able to draw together a factual and reliable service, offering a true reflection of modern forensics.

Time within this field has taught us to refine our ‘hook’, that crucial first

10 minutes, which determines our audience’s engagement, we understand the natural allure that comes along with the exciting world of forensics and CSI, and we hold no shame in admitting that we use it to our full advantage. Our sessions place the participant at the centre of the action granting them an ‘access all areas’ pass to becoming a CSI for the day. To make our activities truly engaging we employ this contemporary educational technique, known as ‘The mantle of the expert’, a method by which the participant is responsible and accountable as a professional. Complete with an exciting job title, this tried and tested practice sees participant engagement reach staggering levels, and is perhaps best observed within the schools we enter.

What does a typical school workshop visit include?

During the morning session, pupils are taught the essential skills to process their own crime scene, in the afternoon the staff and teachers need only to sit back and watch a previously quiet child become enthused and invigorated about his new role as a ‘fingerprint specialist’. Our positive labelling technique promotes involvement, responsibility and focus, all of which are to be expected within a Pulse experience.

We do not believe in making things overly complicated, our participants are not undertaking a forensic science degree; they are however, attempting to experience the techniques and practices of CSI. This being said, we also do not believe in replicating television trends in presenting half-truths and science fiction styled deliveries to our participants, we are about real forensics and the work of real CSI’s. To us, it is about finding a balance between the science and the wonder, our equipment is authentic yet uncomplicated, as is our delivery style.

Pulse’s provision of educational experiences involves every participant; we understand that learning is a multi-dimensional process involving emotional and tactile experiences linked to memories and feelings. We know the best way to achieve the best experience is by engaging pupils on the most practical level possible. Each element of our CSI package comes with a highly interactive practical activity, because we know that learning isn’t all looking and listening, it’s doing and getting involved. An amazing feature of this particular topic is seen within the emphasis of individual uniqueness, while we point out that unique qualities aid in criminal investigations, we also celebrate individual distinctiveness. The individuality of a fingerprint, genetic heritage, hair colour or any personal trait becomes a discussion point within these sessions, which is inclusive to everyone.

One of our key goals at Pulse is to inspire the next generation, not just the next generation of CSI’s and forensic scientists, but to get all young people involved with STEM on a practical and enjoyable level, to show them that STEM careers aren’t unobtainable jobs available to only a select few, within our sessions we discuss a variety of job roles working around and within CSI, promoting the pursuit of scientific subjects and working scientifically, as a foundation to build whatever career they may want in the future. Our work inspires a diverse set of skills and qualities, sometimes allowing people to recognise talents and unknown interests. A Pulse delivery isn’t just a narrow topic, we promote the development of social and leadership skills, teaching first-hand the importance of effective communication with abstract and analytical approaches to problem solving. A Pulse CSI workshop accepts and nurtures learning individuals as a whole, inspiring them to new possibilities.

All workshops can be tailored to the Key Stage group and school’s individual requirements and timetable. We can cater from 30 to 300+ pupils.

Do you have links to Twitter or Facebook or any other Social Media?

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What group sizes do you cater for?

Minimum 30 up to 300 +

Based on group sizes of 6 pupils

Do you provide projects, teacher’s packs, work sheets or any other useful information?

Pulse Education provides a Teachers Information Pack & Lesson Plan prior to the workshop delivery at their school venue. (Emailed directly to the Teachers)  

Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio if appropriate?

Yes children are allowed to take photos and video footage, if allowed by the school.

Additionally, we take photos and videos, except of the students who cannot be photographed; these students are always pointed out to us at the beginning of the workshop.

Are your team CRB checked for attending schools/colleges etc?

Yes  - Myself and all Forensic Associates who work with PULSE have up to date DBS / CRB Checks and Certificates – these are always shown to the schools visited

Does your company have an education officer?

Jacqui Thompson


T: 01400 263061

What is the cost?


• KS2 ‘CSI’ Forensic Science Workshop up to 30 pupils  £595.00

• KS2 ‘CSI’ Forensic Science Workshop up to 60 pupils  £895.00

• KS2 ‘CSI’ Forensic Science Workshop up to 90 pupils £1,495.00

• KS2 ‘CSI’ Forensic Science Workshop up to 120 pupils  £1,915.00


KS3 / KS4 Forensic Science Workshop up to 30 students  £695.00

KS3 / KS4 Forensic Science Workshop up to 60 student £955.00

KS3 / KS4 Forensic Science Workshop up to 90 students £1,595.00

KS3 / KS4 Forensic Science Workshop up to 120 students  £2,155.00

KS3 / KS4 Forensic Science Workshop up to 300+ students  *

* Larger Year Groups can be catered for, please state UKST when contacting for latest group discounts

Is specific clothing required for when you visit?

All students will receive a brand new packaged - White SOCO

(Scene of Crime Officers Suit, Gloves (Non Latex). Blue Overshoes and White Dust Mask

Are your workshop team first aid trained?

Yes all Pulse Personnel are First Aid Trained to deliver basic First Aid Practice, if required.

Where geographically will you visit?


Do you have an LOTC Quality Badge?

I am a STEM Ambassador

I am a CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection)

Part of NCA (National Crime Agency)

I have appeared on BBC Dragons Den

I have won a Small Business Award from Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den)

Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?

We have loads of Testimonials from Schools across the UK, here is just a few examples,

further testimonials can be viewed online

Primary School Testimonials

Great Abington Primary School, Cambridge

(Guy Underwood, Head Teacher)

 On January 12th 2015 our school Pulse CSI and their approach to scientific enquiry and teamwork transformed hall into a Crime Scene Investigation as our 80 Ks2 pupils were engaged, challenged and enthralled. Having had 20 years experience of enrichment activities the Pulse CSI day is amongst the best I have seen for impact on all pupils. In terms of value for money the day is exceptional and deals with higher order problem solving and communication skills. The amount and quality of the content impressed all staff and pupils.  Know that pupils will remember the CSI day at Great Abington Primary for the rest of their lives!

Why was the day so successful?

  • The quality of the resources and materials provided by Jacqui ensured pupils connected with the processes, learning and contexts provided throughout the day.
  • All pupils learnt scientific and general knowledge facts.
  • Scientific learning was related to each individual and created a real buzz and ownership of learning.
  • All resources are provided and of high quality.
  • In the afternoon pupils and staff were fully immersed as Scene Of Crime Officers wearing full body suits, gloves, masks and shoe covers.
  • Activities related to real life scenarios and concepts, ideas and situations pupils had read about or seen on TV, online and in films.
  • Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of the activities. Mixed teams of pupils from Y3 to Y6 supported and learnt together for the whole day.
  • Jacqui ensures that the day is fully inclusive and equitable for pupils.
  • E-safety is integrated into the session and provides up to date, relevant advice and guidance for all pupils.
  • Display resources are created on the day and a DVD of images and video is provided.

A week after the event pupils, staff and the wider school community are still referring to the day and as a launch for our ‘Crime & Punishment’ topic the outcomes could not have been better.  Our expectations had been exceeded and we look forward to many more days with the Pulse CSI team in the future.

Earl Spencer Primary School, Northampton

 The workshop was superb! Our children were gripped after the morning session where Jacqui taught them the skills and techniques of investigating a crime through practical and thoroughly engaging activities. The way Jacqui delivered the session ensured that all pupils were able to access information about forensic science at a level much higher than I anticipated. Our children were in mixed ability groups of Y5/6 pupils, which worked well with regards to pupils being given the chance to take the lead if they don’t usually get the chance to.

The use of authentic/ real material and resources in both the morning and afternoon sessions were of a standard that our school wouldn’t be able to provide if we had decided to try to set up a crime scene ourselves. Children were so excited when they realised they would get to wear a SOCO suit and investigate a crime scene. For children whom appropriate levels of good behaviuor can sometimes be an issue, their behaviour was exceptional throughout the day – I was hugely impressed!  Jacqui was exceptionally well prepared and planned – even staying over in a nearby hotel the night before to ensure snowy weather wouldn’t delay her arrival. She took photographs throughout the day and posted them on a disk to us the following day for us to use at our leisure.  Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring day! We will definitely hope to have you back in the future!

St Johns Primary School, Walsall Wood, Stafford

 What an incredible and excellent day! All the Teachers and children were in awe of the days activities as they unfolded! The session was completely hands on and delivered at the right pace and pitch, capturing the children’s attention from the very start! Jacqui and Emily were fantastic with the children and the resources and activities were incredible! The children had been doing some media production on the lead up to the day so expectations and excitement were high… but boy did you deliver! Without a doubt, we will definitely be recommending and rebooking you again! Thanks very much.” Thanks for such a wonderful session, it was truly brilliant.  This won’t be the last you hear from us, looking forward to seeing you again in the future!

Barton Clough Primary School, Manchester

Once again can I just say a huge thank you from me to you and Asha for organising and leading the most amazing day ever!  To see 120 children on task from 9.00am to 3.00pm was just fantastic, especially as there was a whole range of ages and abilities in one hall – no mean feat! In the words of our school secretary ‘In the 24 years I’ve worked at this school, we’ve never had a day as good as this!’  The children were motivated, enthusiastic and so keen to learn and apply the techniques you showed them.  These are some quotes from the children I interviewed today:

‘It’s a good way to learn Science . . . . it is more interesting when you’re doing it’.

‘I really enjoyed using the different equipment and dressing up as a CSI investigator. That was really cool’.

‘I learnt that you have to wear the white suits to prevent your DNA getting mixed up with other evidence.  I didn’t know that before’.

‘I loved it because it was really interactive’.

‘It’s a lot more complicated than what you see on the TV CSI!!’

Hope these are useful.  The children have been buzzing all day today too telling me about the things they enjoyed.  I’m so glad it was such a success and there is no doubt about us asking you back next year.  Thank you so much Jacqui

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, New Malden, Surrey

 A few weeks ago, our year 6 children participated in Pulse’s forensic science workshop as part of our Crime and Punishment topic. The day was spectacular! From the moment Jacqui introduced herself, the children were hooked.

As such an unexplored area in the primary curriculum, they had so many questions before the day and Jacqui was able to pass on a whole wealth of knowledge. One of the day’s best qualities was that it was so practical. All of the children got to participate in the fingerprinting, fibre analysis etc. and the fact that this was then applied to a crime scene made the learning so much more worthwhile.  The afternoon was even better than the morning, with the children donning their SOCO suits and having a go a solving a crime. All of the equipment and pieces of evidence were so realistic, even the teachers were sucked in!

We were really impressed with how much was fitted into the day and how organised Jacqui was with everything she had brought along.  Overall it was a fantastic day and well worth the money. We would highly recommend it to other schools and teachers, even if you’re not focusing on crime and punishment. It gave many opportunities to work as a team and practise problem solving skills as well.

Windhill Primary School in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire

(Philippa Moore – Headteacher)

“The pupils of Windhill School had an inspiring and thought-provoking day with the CSI team which fitted perfectly into a whole-school ‘Crime Week’. Brimming with enthusiasm, they were immersed in their learning and developed their forensic, deductive and inquiry skills. The resources were first class and the whole event seemed real to the children. Parents were buzzing and the day was worth every penny. Long-lastingly memorable!

All Saints CE Primary School, London NW2 2TH

 Thank you so much for getting our children so excited about forensics.  The year 5 and 6 children in my workshop were extremely engaged and fascinated with the techniques and methods that you taught them.  They especially enjoyed checking out their fingerprints and realizing just how different each and every person is.

In the afternoon, watching the children try to solve the mystery crime was really interesting.  Kids were engaged and worked amazingly well in their teams, helping each other and remembering all the different and important parts to finding a suspect.  Many of them were starting to ask really good investigative questions and realize just how much the little details matter in instances like that.  I could not believe how many of the groups came to different conclusions about who committed the crime!

The entire experience was so thrilling and enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend the workshop to other schools.  Thanks again. 

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Grimsby

Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy were extremely privileged to be able to welcome Jacqui Thompson from PULSE education into our school, to deliver a fascinating, hands-on CSI investigation day.

Throughout the morning children (and teaching staff too), had the opportunity to learn about forensic science and what crime scene investigators actually do.  We learnt about taking handprints, collecting finger prints, identifying fingerprint patterns, footprint casting and collecting hair and fabric samples, before considering how all of this is used by the police to help identify and capture suspects and criminals. During this time the input and delivery of information was second to none; all children were engrossed and focussed on their learning activities which was provided and delivered to them in an easy to understand, child friendly manner, while still challenging them with plenty of opportunity to think outside of the box! 

During the afternoon session, the children had the opportunity to solve a simulated crime scene investigation, donning official SOCO uniforms and applying their learning from the morning to analyse the evidence and clues left behind to identify the murder mystery culprit from a list of suspects. The children applied so many different aspects of their learning as Scene of Crime Officers that all of the children benefited from the experience that the day offered. The Year Six children in particular were able to apply their learning to write their own detective stories as part of a literacy project, as well as the Year Five children learning more about their own aspirations and what they might want to do in the future.  A huge thank-you again to Jacqui  for the fantastic day, which really was enjoyed all, children and staff alike! 

Barton Clough Primary School, Manchester

Once again can I just say a huge thank you from me to you and Asha for organising and leading the most amazing day ever!  To see 120 children on task from 9.00am to 3.00pm was just fantastic, especially as there was a whole range of ages and abilities in one hall – no mean feat! In the words of our school secretary ‘In the 24 years I’ve worked at this school, we’ve never had a day as good as this!’  The children were motivated, enthusiastic and so keen to learn and apply the techniques you showed them.  These are some quotes from the children I interviewed today:

‘It’s a good way to learn Science . . . . it is more interesting when you’re doing it’.

‘I really enjoyed using the different equipment and dressing up as a CSI investigator. That was really cool’.

‘I learnt that you have to wear the white suits to prevent your DNA getting mixed up with other evidence.  I didn’t know that before’.

‘I loved it because it was really interactive’.

‘It’s a lot more complicated than what you see on the TV CSI!!’

Hope these are useful.  The children have been buzzing all day today too telling me about the things they enjoyed.  I’m so glad it was such a success and there is no doubt about us asking you back next year.  Thank you so much Jacqui!

Special Needs Schools Testimonials

(Fiona Blyth)

Lower Primary Class Teacher

Riverside School, Goole, North East Lincolnshire

Riverside School pupils had an amazing experience when Jacqui came to introduce crime scene investigation techniques in a variety of fun, hands-on lessons during our Science and Technology Week.

The children enjoyed creating keyrings of their fingerprints using special inks and also made handprints with a fascinating magnetic powder and ‘magic wands!’ We explored all sort of different fibres with mini microscopes and the pupils were amazed when they looked at their fingers and hair through the magnifying glass. They took samples of their footprints and wrote secret messages using UV pens and black light torches. All the children were able to interact with the experience at their own level and Jacqui was flexible and responsive to each group’s abilities, ensuring they had lots of differentiated tasks that were suited to their needs.

The length of each session was appropriate to the concentration levels of the pupils and they were kept busy and engaged at all stages of the experience. I would definitely recommend the CSI experience to other MLD Special Schools as the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day.

(Sarah Kerslake)

Egerton Rothesay School, Currants Lane, Berkhamsted, Herts  HP4 3UJ

Egerton Rothesay is a school that provides specialist input for pupils who need some form of additional support, perhaps because of a specific educational need – such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language issues or sectors of the autistic spectrum – or for a more general problem with learning. We specialize in providing accessible and stimulating educational experiences for our pupils. The CSI workshop was carried out in a multi sensory and enjoyable way and Jacqui held the children’s attention with a range of activities.

Our special provision team of occupational, speech and language therapists and specialist support teachers all participated in the workshop and commented on how focused and engaged the pupils were. We would all like to say a big thank you to Jacqui for such a fun and memorable day and we would highly recommend the workshop. We look forward to your next visit!

Wendy Kiernan (Science Co-ordinator)

Fairley House School, 220 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JY

The inaugural Forensic Day provided by the PULSE CSI team proved to be a huge success at Fairley House School. Judging by the feedback from pupils, teachers and parents everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt they had learnt a great deal and received an expert insight into the world of forensic investigation. As a school for dyslexic and dyspraxic students we specialise in providing accessible and stimulating educational experiences for our pupils. Forensic day ticked all the boxes as far as our students were concerned. Our special provision team of occupational and speech and language therapists were also highly impressed with the nature of the practical tasks provided throughout the day.

Many members of staff commented on how focused and engaged all 95 pupils had been during each and every session. The multi-sensory nature of the workshop and crime scene investigation ensured that all the activities were not only educational but also informative and entertaining both for pupils and teachers. I would like to thank Jacqui Thompson on behalf of Fairley House School for a brilliant day and look forward to her next visit. I would highly recommend the Pulse CSI team experience as an enriching educational experience of real life science.

Secondary Schools Testimonials

Lady Margaret School (LMS), Parsons Green, Fulham, London SW6

 Thank you very much for an exceptional day for our key stage 3 pupils. The girls were so engaged and all abilities were challenged and involved as they were able to work independently, even a small minority of pupils who would otherwise find it difficult to focus.

I would highly recommend this day to any school, across all ability ranges. It is particularly relevant to the ‘How Science Works’ aspects of the KS3, 4 and 5 curricula. It also links the topics taught in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Specifications.

Alternatively, it’s just a really fun educational day of real science, enriching pupils interest in the subject and the career opportunities in forensics. As Jacqui quite rightly put it, ‘there will always be criminals, so we always need brilliant scientists to solve their crimes!’

I hope to arrange a day of forensics with our Year 10 girls, due to today’s success!

Well done Jacqui ( and our girls ) and thank you!

Oasis Academy Wintringham, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

I  just wanted to write a short email to say a huge thank you for the forensic science day you delivered for us today. The students were enthusiastically engaged from start to finish. The activities challenged students to solve problems and developed their ability to work together. The session were informative and exciting, the e-safety session even allowed the students to understand the importance of online safety. It wasn’t just the students that came out with a glowing reference for the day, the staff loved the day asking if we could book the same day next year. The day was more impressive considering the challenging nature of some of the students involved Jacquie and Jamie were fantastic which allowed the day to stay focused but always very enjoyable.

We will definitely be booking next year and recommend you to any primary or secondary school who wanted a perfectly packaged day to inspire students and staff. 

Elizabethan Academy, Retford, Nottinghamshire

 At the request of all our Primary Heads, I rebooked Jacqui and her team to deliver the C.S.I. Forensic Science day to our feeder schools as part of our Primary Transition programme for the third year running. We already knew the children were going to have a fabulous day based on previous years and we were not disappointed; they loved it!

From the outset, the day yet again, was supremely well organised and every resource needed was brought along, all we needed to do was provide a venue big enough to cater for all the primary children who wanted to attend. Jacqui took charge of the children from the second they arrived grouping them so that they sat with other children from other Primary schools (essential in a transition activity).

In the morning the children experienced what it would be like to live and work as Crime Scene Investigators, learning about finger-printing techniques, how to look for and ‘bag n tag’ clues from the strangest of places and importantly how to stay extra safe online.

In the afternoon 15 mock crime scenes were created with one single aim; to work out who dunnit! So as not to contaminate the crime scenes, it was essential that the children dressed for the part.  In white suits, hoods, face-masks, gloves, glasses and overshoes they set about their challenge of working out who might have committed the crime.  Dusting for fingerprints, using high-tech ultra-violet torches to search for hidden messages as well as examining the crime scene and collecting fibres which might help determine the culprit; the children spent the afternoon working together to gather evidence that might lead to an arrest.

OFSTED often comment on giving children ‘memorable experiences’. This was certainly one of them. If you run a transition programme in a secondary school I can recommend this as a wonderful way in which to get children from a range of backgrounds and schools working together really quickly. Already planning for next year! 

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?

As a CEOP Ambassador working in alliance with the Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency, to date Pulse Education has educated over 27,000+ children in schools across the UK about staying safe online, particularly whilst engaging in various social media platforms and playing PC games online, tailored for KS2 – KS5 audiences.


(Please state UKST when contacting via e-mail or contact number for latest group discounts)

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