Region: West Midlands

Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Day Trip Destinations

Address: Trentham Estate, Southern Entrance, Stone Rd, Trentham, Staffordshire ST4 8AY

Contact: 01782 659845



Learning has never been so much fun!

Trentham Monkey Forest is the ideal location to be creative and innovative with topics within the national curriculum, and provide excellence and enjoyment to teachers and students alike.

Science, as well as many cross curriculum links (numeracy, art, I.C.T, literacy and many more), can be explored and learnt at all age levels. Monkey Forest is dedicated to ensure that all schools have a beneficial, rewarding and educational visit. We will endeavor to help you organize your trip in any way that we can. There are a number of direct downloads that can help you with your visit or if you require anything further please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please click here for general information on school visits.


The interactive facilities at Monkey Forest include:

- Animals exhibiting natural behavior as in the wild

- Knowledgeable guides along the forest path

- Information boards (click here to download map and description)

- Feeding talks every hour

- 18 minute continuous video on Barbary macaques through the seasons

- Free quiz available at the kiosk

- Education led sessions (to be booked in advance)

- Classroom (to be booked in advance)

All this and much more accrues to a completely rewarding educational visit.



- 2 adventure playgrounds (age 3-6 years old and 6-14 years old)

- Banana café

- Jungle shop

- Covered picnic area

- Picnic area

- Free car park

- Free entry and a meal voucher for the bus driver


Behaviors & Communication

Discover how to observe animals exhibiting their natural behaviors

A unique experience

Monkey forest is 60 acres of beautiful woodland and meadows where 140 monkeys live in total freedom. You are plunged into the Barbary macaques fascinating world as you hear rustling in the trees, chattering in a strange language of sounds and mimicry, and chasing one another through the branches.

To your right there is a male carrying a baby on his back, on your left are two females grooming each other, and in the trees are young monkeys doing acrobatics between the branches.

Walking along the path you are transported into a different world of animal magic!



At Monkey Forest the Barbary macaques roam freely in a 60 acre forest. As you enter the park you will be able to observe the monkeys living in their fascinating society as they would in Algeria or Morocco. The two groups in the forest come from our existing parks in France and Germany and the monkeys have lived all their lives in similar settings.

The parks have a non-invasive policy where we intervene as little as possible and leave the monkeys to live their lives as they would in the wild.


A beautiful site, a protected area

A 3/4 of a mile forest path, cleared and laid out for visitors, takes you through the splendid forest of Trentham Estate woodlands where the monkeys live. The monkeys roam freely, and you might even see one of them walk across the path in front of you on its way to explore another part of its home range!


An informative visit

Whether you are a fan of information boards, video documentaries, or prefer pure observation, you will find the level of information you seek in the park. Guides are situated along the path to explain the monkey's behavior happening before your eyes. Why is this baby being carried by a male? What are the monkeys picking up from the ground? Where do they spend the winter? The guides have all the answers so please ask.

Age of Children / Pupils: Pre-school 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years 14 – 16 years College University

Type of Visit: Adventure Playgrounds Outdoor Education Outdoor Pursuits Parks and Gardens Picnic Areas Themed Attractions Wildlife and Nature

Curriculum Topics Covered: Art and Design English Geography ICT Mathematics Science

Months Open: February March April May June July August September October November

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