Region: Greater London East of England

Disabled Facilities: Yes

Category: Day Trip Destinations

Address: Royal Gunpowder Mills, Beaulieu Drive, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1JY

Contact: 01992 707370 (please quote UKST when booking or enquiring)



The Royal Gunpowder Mills is a great place for schools and educational groups to spend days out exploring the secret history of gunpowder, explosives and rocket propellants through our engaging interactive Exhibitions, Science Shows and Children's Activities.

Do you have a video on YouTube or anywhere else that you would like to link to?

We do have a website, the link to the website is

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Exactly what does your venue offer to educational visits?

The Royal Gunpowder Mills makes learning interesting and fun with a series of inspiring projects and experiments aimed at bringing everything from the Gunpowder Plot to the Space Race vividly to life.

Our team of experts have devised a complete programme of hands-on activities, re-enactments and workshops making historical events and scientific principles fun and relevant to modern day students.

From life on the Home Front during World War 11 to learning how to build a rocket – your educational group is guaranteed a fascinating day of fun learning.

Why you are you a great place for educational visits?

Education programmes are carried out in historic buildings surrounded by wildlife such as deer’s, badgers and numerous bird species. 

What does a typical educational visit include?

The day is made up of four activities, each lasting 45 minutes. You have two activities in the morning and two activities in the afternoon. There is an hour lunch break from 11:45- 12:45 where you can picnic outside on the mead in good weather; otherwise you are provided indoor areas. Hot drinks are not available and we ask that you bring your own pact lunch.

What group sizes do you cater for?

We can cater for up to 128 children. We offer four classes per day, with a maximum of 32 pupils per class, except for Gunpowder, treason and Plot where we can offer 5 classes.

Do you provide projects, teacher’s packs, work sheets or any useful information?

We taylor all of our education programmes to fit in with the national curriculum and continually assess the national curriculum to create new education programmes. We do offer a pre visit for teachers where we can go into more detail of each of our programmes and answer any questions they may have before they visit us. There are various craft activities and worksheets throughout the day as well as re-enactments to bring history and science to life.

Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio?

We do ask that you do not film the entire day however we are happy for you to take pictures throughout the day if you want.

What is your process for booking pre arranged risk assessments?

We provide a general risk assessment for each visit however teachers are able to book a pre visit in advance to discuss the education programme in more detail.

Does your venue have an education officer?

There are two education officers:

Pauline Elkin is the main Education Team leader.

Ben Parker takes the school bookings and deals with enquires about school bookings.

Tel: 01992 707370

(please quote UKST when booking or enquiring via phone & e-mail)

What is the cost: of the visit?

Cost per class up to 32 - £232

Cost per class up to 26 - £188

Cost per class up to 20 - £145

4 free adults per class including teacher : £7.25 for additional adults

Is specific clothing required for the trip?

We recommend dressing up to fit the programme such as Vikings and Victorian life.

Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?

Every member of the education staff is a qualified first aider as well as the duty manager on site for the day of visit.

Please list facilities available.

We do offer goodie bags for the visit, which you can book for prior the visit. You can bring money on the day to pay for goodie bags or we can invoice you for the cost of goodie bags. There are numerous dining areas on site, both indoors and outdoors as well as toilets and baby changing facilities.

What are your disabled facilities?

We offer disabled access to all parts of the site except for the wildlife tower which is part of the wildlife walk programme.

What are your opening days and hours?

We run the following programmes from January – 21st October;

Viking Life & Lore

WWII on the home front

Victorian Life


From the 1st November – 18th November we offer Gunpowder, Treason & Plot

From 22nd November – 9th December we offer Victorian Christmas

Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?

Explorer Programme

I enjoyed the woodland walk and making soil and finding out about a beetle. 

 - Year 4 Pupil, Chigwell School

I particularly enjoyed making the rocket and launching them. It was brilliant.

 - Year 2 Pupil, St. Catherines School

I enjoyed when we went pond dipping and I liked when we all went on a land train seeing the animals was excting.

 - Year 2 Pupil, St Catherines School

The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. The rocket making and clay activities were very well paced and timed.

 - Mrs D Greenfield, Year 1 Teacher, Sheredes Primary School

Home Front

The variety of activities was excellent and the added mystery of a spy really added to the day.

 - Mrs Harding, Year 4 Teacher, Great Totham Primary School

My favorite things were hearing the air raid warning and being an evacuee. Thank you for a wonderful time.

 - Year 3 Pupil, Coopersale Hall School

I really did not know you can do so many things with ropes and sticks, and trying to work out the spy was my favorite.

 - Year 3 Pupil, Coopersale Hall School

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

 Thank you for a super day. The entire visit was well planned and supervised. We had a lot of fun whilst learning from the experience.

 - Mrs Watson, Year 1/2 Teacher, Richard Whittington Primary School

Once again, we had a fantastic day, enjoyed by children and adults alike. All activities were spot-on, just the right length.

 - Mrs Jill Beecheno, Year 2 Teacher, Great Chesterford CE Primary

We loved all the practical sessions i.e. making feather pens, lanterns etc. It was a fantastic day all round.

 - Mrs King, Year 1 Teacher, Willowbrook Primary School

Victorian Xmas

Very welcoming, presenters really get into role and are knowledgeable.

 - A.P. Childs, Deputy Head, Brookmans Park School

Children engaged and carrying out activities such as making cards kept them focused and attentive. Each session is timed very well.

 - Miss M Prakash, Year 6 Teacher, Larkswood Primary School

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years

Type of Visit: Historic Buildings Historical Heritage Museums Outdoor Education Science & Technology Team Building Walking Tours Wildlife and Nature

Curriculum Topics Covered: Art and Design Environmental Studies History Science

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December