Region: Yorkshire

Disabled Facilities: Yes

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Address: Rainbow Factory, Gate 3 Springfield Commercial Centre, Bagley Lane, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5LY

Contact: 0113 257 5750



The Rainbow Factory is the only attraction of its kind in the north of England.  Our storytelling wonderland is an alternative to museums and historical attractions, creating a world where traditional children’s stories and modern classics come to life. 

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Why you are you a great place for educational visits?

The Rainbow Factory is the only attraction of its kind in the north of England.

Our storytelling wonderland is a magical alternative to museums and historical attractions, creating a world where traditional tales and modern classics come to life.

Our dedicated Rainbow Factory team blend passions for storytelling, craft and model making, creative movement, physical theatre and dance.

And the factory, near Leeds, is the only venue in the country to showcase the work of talented artist Richard Underwood. Our creative director has painstakingly created more than 100 hand-made models of storybook characters including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, as well as his own original creations.

Exactly what does your venue offer to educational visits?

The Rainbow Factory is the perfect place for children to discover and develop their creative talents.

From story-writing to crafts and theatre, we ensure every child has the opportunity to shine, whatever their educational needs.

Driven by a desire to help improve literacy standards, our aims are to inspire a new generation with a love of reading and encourage youngsters to use their imagination.

Through enchanting activities the Rainbow Factory builds confidence and an interest in reading that can provide life-long benefits.

We now offer four programmes, all designed to enhance and support the creative workings of the education system.

Two of our programmes involve a visit to us while for the other two, we'll come to you!

Visit Us!

School Trip

Step inside the stories in a magical experience that will transport pupils to other worlds for the day. For up to 120 pupils.

End of Term Treat

If you fancy a trip with less emphasis on education and more focus on fun - look no further! For up to 120 pupils.

We'll Visit You!

Theatre In Education

Enjoy our dynamic productions, as our talented team bring their unique creativity and passion for performance into your school. For 30 to 100 pupils.

Story Makers

Develop their writing skills through an interactive storytelling workshop, delivered in your own classroom and tailored to your chosen topic. For 30 to 40 pupils.

Do you have the LOtC Quality Badge or any other accreditation such as AALA?

We are in the process of applying for the LOtC Quality Badge.

What does a typical educational visit include?

We welcome the opportunity to tailor the content of our educational programmes to suit any particular book or theme, or the specific needs of your group - provided this has been agreed in advance.

Because we are able to tailor your visit to your needs, there are endless options available for different ages and key stages, from pre-school right through to Key Stage 3.

Curriculum topics covered include Drama, English, Art & Design, Maths, Science, PSHE and Citizenship.

Activities include elements of Personal Development, Mentoring and Team Building and these can be given greater emphasis as long as this has been agreed in advance.

Our school trips do the following:

- Promote language development

- Provide opportunities for children to develop key communication skills

- Promote negotiation, compromise and self-assertion

- Encourage action-processing and reasoning skills

- Develop enquiry skills

- Embrace creative thinking and evaluation skills

- Develop empathy, responsibility of emotions and the application of these emotions through action

Programme 1 - School Trips

After an introduction the children are divided into groups, then rotate between the different areas for a series of workshops lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

Woodland Tales

Here the children will explore traditional & contemporary stories using the handmade models constructed by our talented in-house artist Richard Underwood.


Our stage comes complete with professional lighting, costumes and props. Here youngsters will develop their creative storytelling, music, drama, performance and verbal communication skills.

Rainbow Room

Here the children can practice their writing and illustration skills. In a workshop which underpins key areas of the curriculum, they are invited to develop their own stories and explore what it feels like to be a real-life author!

Creative Kitchen

This area of the factory is filled with craft materials galore! Depending on each individual school trip, children may work with our in-house artist to make their own mini masterpiece.

Secret Garden

The Rainbow Factory values outdoor play and provides active learning opportunities in this stunning green space, including activity boxes which encourage individual skills, group dynamics and imaginative play.

Our Secret Garden is also the perfect spot for a picnic during the warmer months, with children able to eat their packed lunches while enjoying the picturesque views across the valley.

Programme 2: End of Term Treat

If you fancy a trip with less emphasis on education and more focus on fun - choose our End of Term Treat!

Whether your pupils have worked their socks off on their SATs or just deserve a reward for all their efforts that term, why not whisk them away to a storytelling wonderland for two magical hours?

We'll kick things off with a special theatrical performance, then follow it up with theatre games, arts and crafts, fun, fun, fun, plus interactive storytelling with Willamina Wonka in our Labyrinth Library and the opportunity to meet some of their favourite fairytale characters!

Programme 3 - Theatre In Education

Rainbow Factory Theatre Company will bring imagination and creativity directly into your school.

Our Theatre In Education programme encompasses a show with follow-up workshops. It is the perfect way to inspire creative storytelling techniques and inject performance theatre into the academic year.

Our work is tailored to meet curriculum targets and aims to enhance key literacy skills. We are happy to tailor our visit to suit your needs; whether this is varying group sizes, topic, themes or issues.

The Programme

Our TIE sessions fit perfectly into any school hall. All of our productions run for approximately 2 hours and are available for morning or afternoon bookings.

We can accommodate audience sizes of anywhere between 30 to 100.

The Show

We will visit your school and perform an educational and fun-packed show. All of the Rainbow Factory’s productions are interactive, original and enchanting. They have a strong curriculum focus and aim to assist you in meeting key education targets.

The Workshops

After the show, the Rainbow Factory Theatre Company will provide engaging practical workshops, which offer pupils the opportunity to develop their own storytelling skills. We aim to enhance their key literacy skills and inspire them to unleash their imagination!

Workshops include:

Debate and discussion

Drama exercises

Creative movement

Plus a tailored plenary session designed to help the children reflect upon what they have learnt.

Much like the production itself, our workshops are curriculum focused and can be tailored specifically to suit your children’s needs.

Programme 4 - Story Makers Session

What better way to inspire creative writing than to invite a real-life author and illustrator into your classroom?

Through our Interactive Storytelling Workshop children will discover and develop their own story-making magic!

Our in-house professional author, who boasts 25 years in the arts industry, will come into your school to inspire and entertain while igniting cross-curricular learning.

Use this 1-hour workshop as;

An end-of-term treat!

A fun way to kick off a brand-new topic.

A dynamic mid-topic engagement technique.

Plus a tailored plenary session designed to help the children reflect upon what they have learnt.

What group sizes do you cater for?

The maximum number of children we can accommodate is 120.

You are welcome to bring small groups but there is a minimum charge of £285 – which equates to 30 pupils.

Do you provide projects, teacher’s packs, work sheets or any useful information?

We provide our Education Pack containing all the details about our education provision plus additional information such as risk assessments. In terms of teaching resources, these are uploaded to our Facebook page 

Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio?

Visitors are welcome to take photos. However, video and audio recordings are not permitted.

What is your process for booking pre arranged risk assessments?

We conduct our own risk assessments and provide guidance for teachers visiting us. This information is sent out to schools, along with other additional information, once a trip has been booked.

Does your venue have an education officer?

Our Education Officer and Production Director is Lydia Toumazou.

For all bookings and information please call the education team on 0113 257 5750 or email

What is the cost of the visit?

School Trip: From £9.50 per pupil

End of Term Treat: From £5 per pupil

Theatre In Education: £399

Story Makers Session: From £149

Supervising adults attend for free and are also provided with free tea and coffee.

Free on-site coach parking

Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?

Our staff do have basic first aid training but we encourage schools to bring a qualified first aider with them.

Please list facilities available.

Stage, garden, dressing-up area, craft kitchen, unique models of characters from traditional tales, plus cafe.

The cafe serves hot and cold food but we encourage pupils to bring their own packed lunches which they can eat in our designated dining area, or outside in our Secret Garden during the warmer months.

What are your disabled facilities?

The Rainbow Factory has fantastic accessibility including a lift at the building entrance, disabled toilets and an open-plan layout across one level, which is very wheelchair friendly.

You can find out more about accessibility at the Rainbow Factory on our website.

What are your opening days and hours?

School trips can be booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during term-time.

School trips usually take place between 10am and 2.30pm.

Please ring 0113 257 5750 to ask about available days and times for End of Term Treats, Theatre in Education and Story Makers sessions.

Do you have any testimonials from previous schools we can include?

“Best school trip I have ever taken a class on! The staff completely take care of everything from start to finish, this left our staff to enjoy the day stress free and see the children enjoying all of the planned activities. The children were engaged from start to finish and their behaviour was brilliant, which is solely down to how much they enjoyed themselves. Highly recommended and will definitely be returning!” Lynsey Pinch, Woodlands Primary, Leeds.

We have lots of positive reviews from teachers on our Facebook page: 

Is there anything else that you feel is important and want to include in your information?

Food: We can provide food, with enough notice, but we would prefer children to bring their own lunch packs due to dietary requirements. Children will eat their lunch in the Rainbow Room, Gingerbread Café or, weather permitting, in our outdoor Secret Garden area.

Parking: We provide free, on-site parking. The coach will be able to drive all the way to the main entrance where you will be met by our team.

Availability: School trips can be booked for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. We are filling up fast so we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible!

Age of Children / Pupils: 5 – 7 years 8 – 10 years 11 – 13 years

Type of Visit: Crafts Indoor Activity & Soft Play Centres Model Village Performing Arts Workshops Personal Development-Mentoring SEN Theatres Themed Attractions Team Building

Curriculum Topics Covered: Art and Design Drama English Mathematics Science

Months Open: All Year Round January February March April May June July August September October November December

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