We will be running a summer camp programme working with Kidsplay from the 24th July until the 1st September 2017 on weekdays 9-12pm.

Venue: Bounce Indoor Trampoline Parks

Town: Milton Keynes

Web: http://www.bouncegb.com/

Email: info@bouncegb.com

Call: Sophiya Knill, 01908 630783

Starts 24-07-2017
Ends 01-09-2017
Cut off date 01-09-2017

Usual: £10 Per head

Discounted: £7pp (Does not include Leap of Faith & Dropslide, added extra of £2.50 each) Term time only – contact 01244 956 780

Valid: 16/03/2017 – 16/03/2018

Clip ‘n Climb Chester has been designed to provide climbers with healthy challenging fun, in a safe environment that is clean, well-managed and stimulating. Clip ‘n Climb is climbing wall meets theme park. Clip ‘n Climb is the perfect destination for school trips, and is a wonderful way for children to get fit whilst having a huge amount of fun. Climbing is the perfect activity to aid in the development of agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and technique, which are all targets that are set out by the National Curriculum for key stage 1 and 2.

Venue: Clip ‘n Climb Chester

Town: Chester

Web: http://clipnclimbchester.co.uk/

Email: clipnclimbchester@flipout.co.uk

Call: Clip n Climb Chester 01244 956 780

Starts 01-05-2017
Ends 16-03-2018
Cut off date 16-03-2018

Event 1 - Doc Yard’s Secret Lab 

Everything you ever wanted to know about electricity and magnetism in one hands-on interactive session. This family friendly activity has now been tailored for school class groups and is available until May 1st 2017. The Lab covers atoms, static electricity, magnets and electromagnets, motors and dynamos and has a finale that showcases the Van der Graf generator and plasma balls. Cost is £60 per class group for an hour in Doc’s Lab.

Event 2 - Michael Foreman – Painting with Rainbows

This touring exhibition from Seven Stories features the writing and pictures of one of Britain’s foremost and favourite authors. Famous for his illustration of Michael Mulpurgo’s ‘War Horse’ as well as his own books such as ‘War Boy’, ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘War and Peas’ Michael Foreman’s world is full of colour and meaning.

Guided tours and additional numeracy, literacy and craft learning activities based on the book ‘The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha’ are available from September 28th - 26th November 2017

Venue: The Historic Dockyard Chatham

Town: Chatham

Web: http://www.thedockyard.co.uk/

Email: learning@chdt.org.uk

Call: Chris Chedzey 01634 832800

Starts 01-05-2017
Ends 26-11-2017
Cut off date 26-11-2017

Usual price: £20 per person

Discounted price: £10 per person

Valid: Monday 24th – Sunday 30th April 2017

National School Snowsports Week in conjunction with Snowsport England is a week long event aims to develop school children’s skills and abilities and increases school participation in snowsports. NSSW is backed by many athletes including The Snow Centre ambassador Olympic Freestyle Snowboarder Aimee Fuller who is currently ranked 5th in the world; Olympic skier Graham Bell, and the one and only Olympic Ski Jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

Venue: National School Snowsports Week (NSSW)

Town: Hemel Hempstead

Web: http://www.thesnowcentre.com/

Email: school.groups@thesnowcentre.com

Call: Groups Team 0344 770 7227 option 3

Starts 24-04-2017
Ends 30-04-2017
Cut off date 30-04-2017

Usual price: £25 pp

Discounted price: groups of up to 14 = £250 groups of 15 to 20 £350 30 mins Book & drive , for larger groups for discount to be discussed.

Valid from/to: Ongoing

It offers young people the chance to experience an activity that allows them to develop new life skills, build team work, communication and an awareness of safety, in an environment that offers lots of excitement.

Hull Karting Book & Drive, 30 mins of driving at the best track in Yorkshire, we have a five star venue with a warm and friendly atmosphere that’s offers you the chance to experience the thrill of real motor racing and to have the time of your life on our 650 metre outdoor track.

We are a member of the National Karting Association (NKA), supported by professionally (NKA ) qualified trained staff.

Venue Name: Hull Karting

Town:  Hull

Web: http://www.hullkarting.co.uk/

Email: hullkarting@hullcc.gov.uk

Contact: John Haines or Ian White on 01482 308740

Starts 18-04-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2017

Special offer / Group rate.

Usual price: Various fees as published on website

Discounted price: -20% of all listed prices

Valid from/to: 07/2016 - 07/2017

Exciting and entertaining day trip to a superb escape game venue for an exclusive offer.

Venue: The Room Glasgow

Town: Glasgow

Web: http://www.riddlerooms.co.uk/

Email: enquiries@riddlerooms.co.uk

Call: 0141 2371960

Starts 18-04-2017
Ends 31-07-2017
Cut off date 31-07-2017

Usual Price: 35 per person per night

Discounted Price: 25 per person per night

Luxury Apartments located near the Royal Mile Edinburgh

Contact: Harvey Cochrane
Call: 0131 220 1585 or Email: info@stayedinburghcity.co.uk
Website: http://www.stayedinburghcity.co.uk/

Starts 17-04-2017
Ends 30-04-2017
Cut off date 30-04-2017


Special offer / Group rate

Usual price: £10 per person + £1.75 for re-usable socks

Discounted price: £9 per person + socks

Valid from/to: all the time

Why is this offer fabulous for school trips?

Large numbers will benefit from the reduced price.

Venue Name: Jump Street

Town: Colchester

Web: http://jumpstreet.co.uk/

Email: info@jumpstreet.co.uk

Call: Tony Hudson 01206911030

Starts 17-04-2017
Cut off date 31-07-2017

Free Teachers’ Preview Evening
Chatsworth is hosting a free teachers’ preview evening at the Farmyard and Stickyard on Thursday 25th May.

Bring your family along to experience the exciting range of tours and activities available in the Farmyard and the Stickyard, our outdoor education centre. Meet our friendly farmyard and education teams to discuss how to get the most from your education visit.

From tractor trailer tours of the estate to ‘caring for animals’ and ‘products and materials’ workshops, the Farmyard offers a fantastic range of engaging tours and activities, plus there is the adventure playground to explore!

Our Stickyard outdoor education centre provides access to both the Garden and Stand wood, offering an exciting range of activities from ‘Discover the Kitchen Garden’ to ‘Stone Age Survival’ and more!

To book your free place at this event, contact our Education Team on education@chatsworth.org

Venue: Chatsworth

Town: Bakewell

Web: https://www.chatsworth.org/plan-your-visit/education/

Email: education@chatsworth.org

Call: 01246 565 430


Starts 13-04-2017
Ends 25-05-2017
Cut off date 25-05-2017

Special offer

Usual price: £14.00 - £21.00 per person depending on age and whether we are operating peak or off-peak hours.

Discounted price: £10.00 per student

Valid: Wednesday June 7th 2017 – Friday 21st July otherwise group rates apply.

This offer is fabulous for school trips because students are getting over a 50% discount.

With a teacher going free for every ten students there is even more savings to be had!

While education is a very important part of every child’s life so is fun and here at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach we are all about fun. We are the ideal place to visit at the end of a long, hard school year, just to relax and chill out.

Venue: Pleasure Beach

Town: Great Yarmouth

Web: http://www.pleasure-beach.co.uk/

Email: gypbeach@aol.com

Call: 01493 844585

Starts 12-04-2017
Ends 21-07-2017
Cut off date 21-07-2017

Special Offer

Usual price: £72-£140

Discounted price: £60-£99

Valid: Jan-Apr 2017, Nov-Dec 2017

Join us at ACUK for an innovative SATs package called ‘Get Set for SATs’. Over a 3-day, 2-night residential your pupils are invited to mix exciting and energetic adventure activities with revision sessions in inspiring spaces.

The end result? Improved revision, more confidence and a more relaxed environment.

Take the stress out of SATs revision in 2017, and help your students flourish in an environment that cultivates focus and provides spacious and varied spaces for revision to be optimised to the max.

Venue: ACUK Pioneer Centre 

Town: Cleobury Mortimer 

Web: http://www.acuk.net/

Email: enquiries@pioneercentre.org.uk / enquiries@whitemoorlakes.org.uk

Call: 01299 271217 / 01283 795000

Starts 11-04-2017
Ends 31-12-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2017

Special offer / Group rate.

Usual price: £8.00

Discounted price: £6.50

Valid: All Year around

We offer this price for schools to encourage children to have exercise and have fun, as a reward trip for exceling in their school work, or as an end of year trip/day out. Lots of schools book a 2-hour bounce session and have food afterwards.

A lot of schools are booking a 2-hour bounce session as 1 hour just is not enough; we are also able to serve hot meals for the visit. We are able to cater for a maximum of 80 per hour.

Venue: Hangar 5 Trampoline Park Ltd

Town: Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Web: http://hangar5.wales/

Email: enquieries@hangar5.wales

Call: Kevin or Mandy 01437 700555

Starts 11-04-2017
Ends 18-10-2017
Cut off date 18-10-2017

Usual price: Child 7-11yrs - £5.20. Student 11-18yrs- £6.30

Discounted price: Child 7-11yrs - £4.00. Student 11-18yrs- £5.00

Valid: January 2018

Not only does it reduce the child’s/ student’s admission ticket, if gives supervising adults/ teachers an allocated number of free tickets.

Child 7-11yrs – 1 free adult per 5 children
Student 11-18yrs- 1 free adult per 10 students

Venue: The MAD Museum

Town: Stratford upon Avon

Web: http://www.themadmuseum.co.uk/

Email: info@themadmuseum.co.uk

Call: Katie Wilson. 01926 865839

Starts 11-04-2017
Ends 31-01-2018
Cut off date 31-01-2018

We’ve been busy developing resource packs with practicing teachers, tailored specifically for both Primary and Secondary pupils to cover a range of subjects and key stages. Each of our curriculum linked resource packs include everything you need to bring Madame Tussauds to life in your classroom, including:

•A Teacher’s Pack - complete with curriculum links and learning objectives and

•Student Task Sheets – with activities for before, during and after a visit.

•Did You Know Facts.

Download the resource packs here:

•History KS1-KS4

•Art & Design KS1-KS4

•Design & Technology KS3-KS4

•Business Studies KS4-KS5

Venue: Madame Tussauds London

Town: London

Web:  https://www.madametussauds.com/

Email: SchoolTrips@madame-tussauds.com

Call:  Brittany: 0207 487 0310

Starts 10-04-2017
Ends 31-10-2017
Cut off date 31-10-2017

Usual price: £9.99 for 1 hour bounce session.

Discounted price: £6.99 for 1 hour bounce session.

Valid: February 2017- February 2018, the booking needs to take place within this time period also. This offer only applies to groups of 25 people or more. This offer is to be used on weekdays only and off peak times only so no holiday times.

Bounce usually gets an average of 25 children per school group therefore saving £3 per pupil all adds up.

Venue: Bounce Indoor Trampoline Parks

Town: Peterborough

Web: http://www.bouncegb.com/

Email: info@bouncegb.com

Call: Sophiya Knill, 01908 630783

Starts 10-04-2017
Ends 28-02-2018
Cut off date 28-02-2018

A visit to a Dogs Trust rehoming centre is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to see what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Our rehoming centre tours are conducted by our team of passionate and knowledgeable Education Officers who make the experience fun and interesting.

Starts 06-04-2017
Ends 31-12-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2017

Usual price: £21 per person per night based on a minimum of 16 people.

Discounted price: £18 per person per night based on a minimum of 16 people.

 June 1st – July 21st 2017

School groups can stay in the heart of one of England’s finest stone towns in Stamford at a discounted price on an exclusive basis.

The Garden House is located just 5 minutes walk away from the bus and train station, and the A1 is just a 2-minute drive from the house. The Burghley Estate is only a mile away, the centrepiece of which is Burghley House, one of the foremost Treasure Houses of the United Kingdom. Add this to the beauty of Stamford - which came top of The Sunday Times 2013 list of the best places to live in Britain - and The Garden House is perfectly located.

Other local attractions include Rutland Water, Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre and Easton Walled Gardens to name a few.

WebSite: http://www.gardenhousestamford.co.uk/

Email: info@gardenhousestamford.co.uk

Contact: Graham Starmer 01780 430310

Starts 05-04-2017
Ends 21-07-2017
Cut off date 31-07-2017



Rock Up delivers schools the perfect physical and mental challenge to tie in with the national curriculum. We have supplier approval from the Council Children Services plus new Schools Education Packs, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2

We are really excited to announce we are currently working with Education Advisors and teachers to produce Education Packs, specifically aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These comprehensive packs will take all the effort out of planning and implementing a trip to Rock Up, with curriculum links and follow on work covering Science, PE and SMRC

Town: Birmingham
Email: schools@rock-up.co.uk to find out more
Contact Name and Telephone Number: Adam Thompson, 0121 271 0322

Starts 05-04-2017
Cut off date 29-12-2017

Valid: 9/11/16 – 21/07/17 between 12pm-3pm

Usual price: £10 per head

Discounted price: £5 per head or £400 for an exclusive venue hire (please note that anti-slip grip socks will still need to be purchased at £1 per pair, unless the students already own a pair of Funky Warehouse socks).

This is a fantastic opportunity to have a trip at a hugely discounted rate but still with all the fun included. 

The event is for a 1-hour session within the Funky Warehouse (We always recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the session starts).

When booking please use the following discount reference number: UKS2016

Venue: Funky Warehouse

Town: Cheltenham          

Web: https://www.funkywarehouse.co.uk/index.html

Email: enquiries@funkywarehouse.co.uk

Call: Carrie or Amy, 01242 300101

Starts 05-04-2017
Ends 21-07-2017
Cut off date 21-07-2017

Special offer

Summer Terms School Trips and Activity Days at JB SKI.

Usual: Between £14 - £35 pp depending on package option

Discount: 10% off total booking.

Valid: Discount available if trip is booked for summer 2017 before 20th February.

Save 10% off the trip and reduce the cost per child – this offer is only available for users of this website and will open up the higher end packages for schools on a budget.



Web: http://jbski.com/

Email: events@jbwaterski.com

Call: Ben Cordery - 01932 579758

Starts 05-04-2017
Ends 31-08-2017
Cut off date 31-08-2017

EXCLUSIVE Trampoline Park Hire, Bounce Indoor Trampoline Parks, Valid February 2017-February 2018.

Usual price: £500 for up to 60 minutes.

Discounted price: £299.99 for up to 60 minutes.

Valid: Term time, Weekdays 12-7pm.

Save 40% off the usual price!

Exclusive use for up to 50 pupils.

Your school groups very own 20,000+ sq ft play area! 

School trips to Bounce aren’t just fun, time spent on our trampolines
will stimulate students’ growth and development of skills such as:

Team work, Sportsmanship, Motor skills, Co-ordination, Creativity

And Confidence.

Venue: Bounce Indoor Trampoline Parks

Town: Milton Keynes, Peterborough

Web: http://www.bouncegb.com/

Email: info@bouncegb.com

Call: 01908 630783

Starts 04-04-2017
Ends 28-02-2018
Cut off date 28-02-2018


To celebrate the Park’s 50th anniversary year the Lee Valley Park Youth and Schools Service have held their prices from 2016/17. Prices remain at only £7.90 per student for a full day and £5.10 for a half day. There is still no charge for accompanying adults. The perfect excuse to experience what the Lee Valley’s 10,000 acre outdoor classroom has to offer. Find out more about their rivers walk, working dairy farm tours, sensory safaris, GPS orienteering and much more at: www.visitleevalleypark.org.uk/education 

Starts 04-04-2017
Ends 31-12-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2017

Special offer / Group rate.

£15 for a half day or £30 full day, this per person

Venue: Alton Water Sports Centre

Town: Ipswich

Web: http://www.altonwater.co.uk/index.php?pid=1

Email: info@altonwater.co.uk

Call: Andy 01473 328408

Starts 03-04-2017
Ends 21-10-2017
Cut off date 21-10-2017

Usual price: 1 Night - £62pp / 2 Nights - £125

Discounted price: 1 Night - £45pp / 2 Nights - £65pp

Valid from/to: For November, December and January bookings. Book before 31st July 2017

Make the last few weeks before Christmas Count!

Give your students the chance to unwind and enjoy the benefits of Outdoor Learning with our special Christmas package.

Enjoy a 1 or 2 night residential at an incredible cost

Includes: Dormitory Accommodation, Full Activity Package + Disco, Full Board Catering inc. Roast Dinner and Breakfast with Santa inc. present

Outdoor Learning offers incredible opportunities to increase confidence, improve communication and develop skill sets. With a wide range of outdoor activities and strong National Curriculum links - you can make the last few weeks of term really count!

Venue: Avon Tyrrell, UK Youth Outdoor Centre

Town: Bransgore, New Forest

Web: http://www.avontyrrell.org.uk/

Email: info@ukyouth.org

Call: Guest Services | 01425 672347

Starts 03-04-2017
Ends 31-07-2017
Cut off date 31-07-2017

Hello, we'd like to tell you about High Altitudes' Special Needs Sessions. Trampoline play is stimulating for children of all abilities, specifically those who need a little extra help developing gross motor skills. The trampolines promote whole body movement and balance while the High Altitude team encourage children to follow directions and focus their attention.

We offer 3 dedicated sessions. A session which is only for children with special needs, a session which allows their siblings
to bounce too, or for children with more complex emotional and physical needs a dedicated Rebound Therapy short course.

Special Needs Session Only
TIME: Tuesdays ­11am-12pm & 12pm-1pm
PRICE: £5pp + 1 x Carer goes Free
Family Session (Siblings too)
TIME: Thursday 4pm­5pm
PRICE: £7.95pp + 1 x Carer goes Free

High Altitude provides recreational opportunities to groups and individuals across the whole spectrum of disability and impairment, including autism, ADHD, cerebal palsy, cystic fibrosis and Down's Syndrome. Many children and young people, with complex needs and/or challenging behaviour reap wonderful benefits from our facilities and trained staff.

Participants are supervised by trained therapists and take part in both passive and active bouncing in a variety of positions including lying, sitting, kneeling or standing. This is not gymnastic trampoline, but a method used to improve motor skills and help meet other needs. It's main aim is therapeutic and not sporting.


TIME: Tuesdays 11am-1­2pm and 12pm­-1pm (Term Time)
DURATION: Total 1hr ­ 1/2 an hour of tuition (student willing)
1/2 hr free to use trampolines as they wish
PRICE: £7 per session or £60 for 10 sessions when booked in advance.
Includes presentation of certificate and badge.

We'd love to talk to you more about the brilliant work we do with and for children with complex needs and their parents and carers. If you have any questions, or better still if you'd like to come and see what we are all about please get in touch.

Call a member of our team today 01603 567200 or Email: fran@highaltitudepk.co.uk

Website: http://highaltitudepk.co.uk/

Starts 03-04-2017
Ends 03-12-2017
Cut off date 03-12-2017

Discounted price: 1 teacher goes free when 10 student places are booked!

We understand that residentials are timely to organise, and the cost can soon become very expensive. We’ve done everything we can to help make this process easy for schools by introducing package deals and free teacher places!

Venue: Eaton Vale Activity Centre

Town: Norwich

Web: http://www.eatonvale.co.uk/

Email: office@eatonvale.co.uk

Call: 01603 501228

Starts 02-04-2017
Ends 02-03-2018
Cut off date 02-03-2018

Usual price:
£18/child admission, £23/adult admission
£11/child wristband, £14/adult wristband

Discounted price:
£9.50/pupil admission, £10.50/teacher admission
£12/pupil combined admission and wristband, £13/teacher combined admission and wristbands
Free supervisor ratio 1:6 (primary), 1:10 (secondary)

Valid: February 11th 2017 - November 3rd 2017

If you would like to find out more about our school visits then why not register for one of our FREE Teacher Open Days on 11th March, 13th May, 16th September or 11th November 2017. Just email learning@wmsp.oc.uk or call 01299 404888.

Our NEW Safari Careers Days are fun and informative days for this einterested in pursuing a career in the animal care industry. A chance to learn more about animals and the variety of jobs available working with them. With guided tours, tutorials and hands-on experiences with some of our smaller animals, this 16+yr day is perfect for students who want to add to their CV and find out more. £65 per person. 12th May and 30th September 2017.

Our popular Safari Cubs (8-11yrs) and Safari Explorers (12-14yrs) holiday clubs are available during Easter, Summer and October half term for just £140 per person. We also have our more in depth five day Conservation Club (15-17yrs). These clubs can also be booked solely for the use of school groups during the holidays, so get in touch quick, before dates run out!

Are you a home educator and don’t have 10 or more to make the most of the usual educational bulk discounts? Well we have created some days specifically for you where you can utilise these great discounts AND have free educational drop in sessions to meet you children’s needs. 2017 dates include 8th March, 10th May and 6th September. Contact learning@wmsp.co.uk for more info. Spaces on the educational sessions are limited, so will be first come first serve.

Venue: West Midland Safari Park

Town: Bewdley

Web: http://www.safariacademy.co.uk/


Email: learning@wmsp.co.uk

Call: 01299 404888


Starts 02-04-2017
Ends 03-11-2017
Cut off date 03-11-2017

Usual price: £270 per pupil plus VAT for a 3 day Residential Trip to Camp Hill (based on a group of 60 pupils or more)

Discounted price: £220 per pupil plus VAT for a 3 day Residential Trip to Camp Hill (based on a group of 60 pupils or more)

Valid: Monday 6th February 2017 to Friday 22nd December 2017

Camp Hill use experiential education to break down the barriers of a more formal classroom environment, allowing whole classes to bond and develop life skills. Residential trips with us give students life skills and memorable experiences with fun outdoor activities.

We are a trusted Centre Of Excellence with tailored activity programmes that work within the national curriculum. Whether it is:

• Doing raft building to learn about teamwork
• Completing the low ropes course to teach pupils about problem solving
• Demonstrating resilience through our leap of faith activity
• Learning how to lead and support others through our team challenge activities
• Building up self confidence with quad biking
• Becoming more environmentally aware through our bush-craft activities

We have schools returning year on year where both pupils and teachers benefit from our tailored programmes that work within the national curriculum. Camp Hill offers pupils with physical and learning disabilities the opportunity to participate in activities, and we can put together specific packages to meet the needs of everyone.

Venue: Camp Hill Estate

Town: Bedale

Web: http://www.camphill.co.uk/

Email: mike@camphill.co.uk

Contact: Mike – 01845 567788

Starts 02-04-2017
Ends 22-12-2017
Cut off date 22-12-2017

Usual price: £8.50

Discounted price: £3.50 per person (including skate hire), For every 10 skaters purchased, receive 2 free admissions to ice skating (purchase 20 receive 4 free skaters, purchase 30 receive 6 free skaters)

Valid from/to: 23rd March – 25th May 2017

Why is this offer fabulous for school trips?

The deal is available on all standard skating session, you must book in advance by calling Jack Occleshaw on 0115 853 3137 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

This deal is exclusive to the UKschooltrips website!

(You must quote ‘UKSCHOOLTRIPS’ to be given access to the deal)

Website Address: www.national-ice-centre.com 

Email Address: groups@motorpointarenanottingham.com 

Starts 02-04-2017
Ends 25-05-2017
Cut off date 25-05-2017

Visit KidZania London for an Eggs-ellent Easter Half term!
This Easter half term plan a trip to KidZania London, the indoor city where the kids are in charge and choose from a variety of Easter themed activities. Children can make chocolate bunnies in the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, have their face painted, create Easter designs in the painting school or even deliver the Easter eggs around the city; alongside a host of other unique, real-life role play experiences.

Also, back by popular demand for the month of April, is the amazing Google Expeditions pop-up, where children can explore anywhere in (or out of!) this world. From the Great Barrier Reef, to the International Space station via the Northern Lights; this immersive experience not only keeps the kids entertained, but will inspire a new curiosity for the world with fun virtual reality trips.

KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds more than 60 real life activities. spanning across 75,000 square feet. Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.

Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities. If your child has ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter or the next award winning singer, watch the excitement on their faces as they try out real life activities! The concept effectively gives them their first taste of independence and gets kids thinking about what they might want to be in the future.

Venue: KidZania London

Town: Shepherds Bush, London

Web: http://www.kidzania.co.uk/

Email: enquiries@kidzania.co.uk

Call: 0330 131 3333

Starts 01-04-2017
Ends 30-04-2017
Cut off date 30-04-2017

Usual price: £6

Discounted price: £5

Valid from/to: April 2017 to December 2017

Venue: Coldharbour Mill Working Wool Museum and Country Park Devon

Town: Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon EX15 3EE

Web: http://www.coldharbourmill.org.uk/

Email: info@coldharbourmill.org.uk

Call: Julie Rapley 01884 840960

Starts 01-04-2017
Ends 31-12-2017
Cut off date 31-12-2017

Nothing beats getting out of the classroom and exploring in the fresh air, and Harbour Park is a fantastic base for any trip to Littlehampton’s award winning blue flag beach and historic harbour. Explore the beach with its variety of sea life or walk along the historic harbour learning all about its humble beginnings. Head back to Harbour Park for fun and thrills on a selection of rides and why not finish off your day with an ice cream. With a choice of Seaside Academy packages to suit all budgets Harbour Park is perfect for any school wanting a fun day out to the beach.

The Jelly Fish £4.95 per head
• Beach/Harbour teacher led activities – Activity/Fact Sheets available.
• 5 Rides or 1 hour Indoor Soft Play. (available from 11am)

The Octopus £5.95 per head
• Beach/Harbour teacher led activities – Activity/Fact Sheets available.
• Picnic Box Lunch (Cheese, Ham or Jam Roll. Packet of Crisps. Choc Bar & Drink).
• 5 Rides or 1 Hour Indoor Soft Play. (available from 11am)

The Star Fish £6.95 per head
• Beach/Harbour teacher led activities – Activity/Fact Sheets available.
• Picnic Box Lunch (Cheese, Ham or Jam Roll. Packet of Crisps. Choc Bar & Drink).
• 5 Rides or 1 Hour Indoor Soft Play. (available from 11am)
• Bucket & Spade for beach exploring and a great souvenir of the day.

Venue: Harbour Park

Town: Littlehampton

Web: http://harbourpark.com/

Email: admin@harbourpark.com

Call: Wes Smart 01903 721200

Starts 01-04-2017
Ends 29-03-2018
Cut off date 29-03-2018

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